My Buy & Spend Nothing Tips

Ok, I am like every other girl out there, I do like a shopping trip .... or two. But I try my best not to buy to just 'have things'. I have to really want something. When I changed my working hours to part time a few years ago to focus on acting and studying, … Continue reading My Buy & Spend Nothing Tips

Advice and Tips For Lapland // Cruelty Free & Vegan

  Lapland is definitely a magical experience. With snow covered forests, the chance to see the northern lights and the pleasure of meeting Santa, it's a winter wonderland. But it is also a place to know your stuff before you go, as it's not somewhere you want to be only to realise you forgot to … Continue reading Advice and Tips For Lapland // Cruelty Free & Vegan

What To Pack For Lapland

First of all if you are going to Lapland, let me start by saying I am INSANELY JEALOUS!! I had the most amazing time there last year. Having only been around snow from the comfort of my own home in Ireland, I have never really had to think about what to pack, but for Lapland … Continue reading What To Pack For Lapland

Lapland Itinerary (3 – 4 Days|5 – 9 Days) // Cruelty Free & Vegan

We flew over to Lapland on Monday, with a quick stopover in Helsinki and then a straight flight to Rovaniemi, followed by a short taxi trip to our hotel -¬†The Arctic Treehouse Hotel. We stayed here for the duration of our Lapland holiday, as we were only in Lapland for three nights with a forth … Continue reading Lapland Itinerary (3 – 4 Days|5 – 9 Days) // Cruelty Free & Vegan

Benefits Of A Foot Massage

On my mission of researching foot massage benefits ...... for me, I saw there was many benefits for everyone to massage their feet (or ideally get their parter or friend to massage their feet for them, bonus points). But I decided to share the benefits as it could be useful to someone else Benefits of … Continue reading Benefits Of A Foot Massage

My Tips On Dealing With Less Day-Light Hours

Even though Autumn is by far my favourite season, I know some people are not fans of the darker mornings and night. I personally love to embrace it by staying in with lovely food and films ... I know I do that a lot anyway. I just love the cosy'ness' of it, the colours and … Continue reading My Tips On Dealing With Less Day-Light Hours

Autumn In Dublin City Centre

I thought I would do a slight different post today as I love photography, I love getting lost and I love Autumn. So with my Saturday I decided to get lost in Dublin City Centre and show you what Autumn looks like through my eyes... or my camera lens. Picnics in Stephens Green Tours Through … Continue reading Autumn In Dublin City Centre

Dublin Wedding Journal Show 2017 – Event Review

  Just under a month ago I was offered VIP ticked to the Dublin Wedding Journal Show in Citywest.¬†Obviously I already wanted to go to this so I was delighted to be offered the tickets. Having never been to a wedding show before I was really looking forward to this and getting inspiration for our … Continue reading Dublin Wedding Journal Show 2017 – Event Review

Himalayan Salt Lamps – Benefits & Tips

I personally love Salt Lamps! I love the way they look, how I feel when I am around them and I love all the benefits that come with having a Salt Lamp. I have three around our home, one in each bedroom and one in our sitting room. Let's Discuss some of the benefits Salt … Continue reading Himalayan Salt Lamps – Benefits & Tips

Farmers Markets Dublin

Where better to get get some fresh, healthy and cruelty free produce than a local farmers market? Simple answer - there is none. Farmers markets are great not only do you get some amazing local grown food but all profit goes back into the local community. So it's a win win! Farmers Market Tips and … Continue reading Farmers Markets Dublin