Artipoppe Carrier Review & Discount

Artipoppe Zeitgeist baby carrier review & discount If you would like to avail of a €50/ Β£45 discount from your Artipoppe carrier you can shop via my referral link here - Saoirse Artipoppe Artipoppe Zeitgeist 'Leopard Classic' Baby carrier out in nature Does having a baby mean that we can no longer be stylish, ethical … Continue reading Artipoppe Carrier Review & Discount

What To Pack For Rome

When visiting Rome, the best bit of advise I can give is to pack very, very comfortable shoes. That is beyond important when walking around to go sight seeing. Those beautiful cobblestone streets are not going to feel so beautiful if you are walking them in stilettos. I would advise getting a very cosy and … Continue reading What To Pack For Rome