Skye’s Communion Day

  Skye has/ continues to have quite a busy year. Last summer she was flower girl for her father and stepmom, this year she made her communion and will be flower girl for Oisín and I. I am so proud of how Skye is growing to be such a lovely little girl. I know I... Continue Reading →

A Much Needed Little Break……

Sooooo .... I took a bit of a break from a lot of things recently and truth be told it was well needed and amazing! I enjoy creating online content for all my platforms but what most people don't realise, is that it is actually like a full time job, that unfortunately doesn't pay any... Continue Reading →

About Me

First of all well done you!!!If you are reading this you must have an interest in leading a cruelty free, healthy and happy lifestyle. I set up this blog to share things that are important to me and that I think if more people know of and incorporate into their lives we could all make... Continue Reading →

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