The Devil We know

I recently watch an amazing Documentary called 'The Devil We know' (click to view). It is about the non-stick pan Teflon and the company DuPont and I have to say it is an absolute much watch! I literally can't recommend how it is so important for us all to be aware of what nasties are … Continue reading The Devil We know

Zero Waste Gift Ideas – Part 1

With christmas around the corner, I have decided to focus some posts on cruelty free & eco friendly gift giving. When it comes time to bestow a gift to someone special in your life you may have a lot of ideas (if so please do share them) or like me, from time to time you … Continue reading Zero Waste Gift Ideas – Part 1

My Tips On How To Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic is fast becoming enemy number one for a lot of people. It already has become enemy number one for the likes of Lauren Singer of, who keeps her waste to the bare minimum and when I say bare minimum I really mean bare minimum, over the last four years she has accumulated exactly … Continue reading My Tips On How To Reduce Plastic Use

What’s In My Fridge || Cruelty Free & Vegan

To view the video click - What's In My Fridge || Cruelty Free & Vegan I done a quick video on what's in my fridge, because if like me you didn't know that today November 16th is 'Clean Out Your Fridge Day'. Luckily for me my fridge is quite clean and I only had one … Continue reading What’s In My Fridge || Cruelty Free & Vegan

Himalayan Salt Lamps – Benefits & Tips

I personally love Salt Lamps! I love the way they look, how I feel when I am around them and I love all the benefits that come with having a Salt Lamp. I have three around our home, one in each bedroom and one in our sitting room. Let's Discuss some of the benefits Salt … Continue reading Himalayan Salt Lamps – Benefits & Tips

Best Herbs To grow At Home

Who doesn't love adding some extra (healthy) flavour to our food and who doesn't love knowing exactly how and where your food is grown ...... Who doesn't love where this is going?? Grow your herbs at home!! What better way to know your food than to grow it your self. You decide whether it gets … Continue reading Best Herbs To grow At Home

Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Home

Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Home We all want to do our bit off the environment and make simple changes. The first place we should start is within our homes, by doing this not only are we making the world a better place but we will also make our bank accounts happier. Going green at … Continue reading Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Home