My Tips For An Easier Morning

Now before we get into this, I cannot stress enough of how much I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!! It genieunly takes me about 15 - 20 minutes before I can actually be a functioning human. Even if I have something exciting on that I am looking forward to, I still won't just hop right up out … Continue reading My Tips For An Easier Morning

My Favourite Home Workout Channels On Youtube

Happy Monday everyone, I had actually intended to get this post out earlier in January to help with anyone who has made 'fitness' part of their new years resolutions. There is no 'one fits all' when it comes to keeping healthy and fit. People are all at different levels, everyone has different likes and dislikes … Continue reading My Favourite Home Workout Channels On Youtube

My New Years Resolutions

  It's that time of year again, where it is time to look back on the previous years and find things we would like to tweak for the year ahead. I don't know about you guys, but I find if there is something that needs changing I don't normally wait until the 1st of January … Continue reading My New Years Resolutions

Meditation Tips

We have all heard of the word 'meditation'. We all may know someone who does it, we all regularly hear of celebrities who swear by meditation to keep on top of things, hell we all may know people that go away for meditation retreats. But do the rest of us really know and understand what … Continue reading Meditation Tips