My Indoor Plants & Their Benefits

I don't know about you guys but I love the look and feel of having indoor plants. I just think they add such a natural vibe to the room. I always see my ideal home inspo on Instagram and Pinterest with very open, modern homes but with lots of plants and greenery. Currently we have … Continue reading My Indoor Plants & Their Benefits

Best Herbs To grow At Home

Who doesn't love adding some extra (healthy) flavour to our food and who doesn't love knowing exactly how and where your food is grown ...... Who doesn't love where this is going?? Grow your herbs at home!! What better way to know your food than to grow it your self. You decide whether it gets … Continue reading Best Herbs To grow At Home

Beautiful Balconies

Now that I am a city slicker with two balconies to decorate and make my own, I have been looking online for some inspiration with beautiful and functioning balconies. One balcony (Balcony A) faces out into the city, where a train station, shops and other apartments can be seen, the other (balcony B) faces into … Continue reading Beautiful Balconies