My Tips On How To Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic is fast becoming enemy number one for a lot of people. It already has become enemy number one for the likes of Lauren Singer of, who keeps her waste to the bare minimum and when I say bare minimum I really mean bare minimum, over the last four years she has accumulated exactly … Continue reading My Tips On How To Reduce Plastic Use

Shopping Ethically – Tips and Tricks

We all want to do good in the world, well, we all should want to do good in the world. One major place we can start is with the power of consumerism. Every time you spend money you cast a big vote into the kind of society YOU WANT. For example, over the last few … Continue reading Shopping Ethically – Tips and Tricks

5 Fair Trade and Ethical clothing Shops – Europe

Thanks to the world we live in, finding ethical and sustainable clothing is very easy to come across ..... even if you live on a small emerald isle like Ireland. The internet is key to ┬áresearch and finding what you want and where you want in this day and age, but sometimes putting in the … Continue reading 5 Fair Trade and Ethical clothing Shops – Europe

How To Help Workers Worldwide

We all know sweat shops exist, even if some of us know they exist, we may not know the extent of how bad they are and what working in a modern day sweat shop entails. I have written previously on why I like to shop second hand and what difference it makes to the world … Continue reading How To Help Workers Worldwide