If you are interested in availing of any of my services, which I have a focus of a unique cruelty free, eco-friendly and sustainable approach to modern day life, please continue reading.

My Services

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Working backstage at the very first Dublin Festival of Fashion in 2010.

Having a background in both Fashion and makeup, I have decided to offer my services while also providing a cruelty free, eco friendly and sustainable approach. With the fashion industry being the worlds second largest polluter and and with our fashion consumption having risen by a staggering 400% in the last 20 years, it is really time for us to be far more conscious of what we are contributing to and how we can help, before it gets any further out of control. I don’t think I need to go through the ‘ins and outs’ of why we also need to be conscious of the beauty products we buy, why we need to stay away from anything that is not 100% cruelty free and why we need to buy from companies who do not support animal testing. If you are interested in the ‘ins and outs’ I would highly (with caution) recommend to read – Animal Testing and also some further links to read below.


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My Background

In 2007 I studied in the LA Makeup Academy and gained certificates in Bridal, Fashion and Photography Makeup. Following that I worked on different styling shoots for fashion shows and editorial sessions. I done a lot of theatre work too, being the sole makeup artists for shows such as Dancing At Lughnasa in the Mill Theatre, A Pair of New Eyes in the Smock Ally Theatre and Move Over Mrs.Markham in Delgany Theatre. In 2011, I was awarded a Diploma in Fashion Buying and Merchandising and following that I worked in various fashion shows across Dublin; The Dublin Festival of Fashion 2012/13 and the 3M Fashion IT Show, which was actually a fashion show only using recycled materials. Life took some different turns which led me to follow other career paths for some time, but my ‘passion for fashion’ and my love for makeup never died. I have always had an appreciation for fashion and my love for creative makeup has only matured further, as I am currently completing a refresher course in Callan & Co Makeup Artistry School, Dublin, in which I am specialising in event and bridal makeup.


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