Phoebe Webb – Episode 8

Hands up who likes being ethical & sustainable?? Hands up who likes fashion?? Hands up if you would like the two merged into one website?? If you answered yes to all or any of the above questions I have good news and just the site for you – Fashion Of Ireland. Fashion Of Ireland is a website/ online store with high quality clothes made in Ireland in a sustainable and ethical manor. I was lucky to get Phoebe Webb, owner and creator of Fashion of Ireland (and also my new girl crush) onto Get It & Give It. Not only is Fashion of Ireland an amazing shop and a site we should all visit, but Phoebe is also someone we should all be talking about when it comes to Fashion. She is a woman on a mission and was nominated this year as one of U Magazines 30 under 30. During the podcast Phoebe talks us through the highs and lows of setting up your own business, what motivates and drives her and the world of sustainable and ethical fashion.

Where to find Phoebe

Instagram – Phoebe Webb / Fashion Of Ireland

Website – Fashion Of Ireland

Facebook – Fashion Of Ireland Facebook

Where to find me

Instagram – Irish Mountain Child Instagram

Youtube – Irish Mountain Child YouTube

Website – Irish Mountain Child

Facebook – Irish Mountain Child Facebook

Show Notes 1.05

What started Phoebe on the Fashion of Ireland journey – 4.25

About Fashion of Ireland – 7.30

Phoebe’s average day with Fashion of Ireland – 9.20

3 things Phoebe does everyday (as her own boss) – 13.00

Biggest achievement to date – 15.25

Biggest challenge to overcome – 17.25

How Phoebe defines sustainable and ethical fashion – 22.40

Why everyone should be aware of sustainable and ethical fashion – 27.50

Tips Phoebe would give to people wanting to make more conscious decisions when it comes to fashion buying – 31.45

Is Ireland having a better approach to sustainable and ethical fashion? – 36.00

Phoebe’s inspirations in both the fashion world and in life – 37.15

Phoebe’s favourite things about being her own boss – 44.20

Negatives of being your own boss – 46.15

Phoebe’s favourite forms of social media to share the message of Fashion of Ireland – 50.50

Phoebe’s favourite non social media apps she uses most days – 52.00

Three of favourite items in her wardrobe – 53.15

Favourite beauty products – 58.45

How Phoebe unwinds – 1.04.00

Books Phoebe recommends – 1.05.50

Documentaries Phoebe recommends – 1.09.00

The number one key to Fashion House of Irelands success so far? 1.12.30




Music – Kytt & Blank RSPN


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