Laura & Tawnie of NARA Ireland – Episode 10

Laura & Tawnie of NARA Campaigns Ireland

Two people who should be on your radar, that are fighting for animal rights and liberation worldwide, but especially in Ireland, are Laura & Tawnie of NARA Campaigns Ireland. I admire Laura & Tawnie for so many reasons, mostly because they are do’ers’, not say’ers’. If they say they will get fur farms banned in Ireland, you can bet that they will put their blood, sweat and tears into doing so. They give up all of their time to spread their vision and message and do it with such passion, love and energy, in rain, hail, sleet or snow (literally this the truth, as I have seen it first hand on a very snowy day), to bring more education for people when it comes to animal liberation and why it is so important. Regardless of whether you agree with everything they say, you do have to give them your full respect and admiration, as they are out there, trying to make the world a better place, for the most vulnerable who cannot defend themselves. There is a lot to learn from this interview on animal rights and how to lead a more cruelty-free life and hopefully you (like me) can learn something from these two amazing activists!

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Show Notes

What inspired Laura & Tawnie on their current path of animal liberation – 2.16

What an average day is like for an animal rights activist – 10.20

What the run up to an event to protest is like – 13.25

How Laura & Tawnie met – 16.00

‘Vegans of Ireland’ Facebook group – a space to swap new vegan finds, a place to answer vegan related questions. (This is also an animal liberation group and would not suit plant based, flexitarians or vegetarians) – 17.40

How they address init-vegan trolls – 20.40

Events in 2019 to be aware of – 21.20

Weekly animal rights activism events (Tuesdays & Saturdays) – 23.00

Online information updates on mentioned topics – 23.40

Moments of physical assault against Laura & Tawnie by members of the public during animal rights events – 25.00

Why to avoid a Circus that uses animals – 30.00

The Animal Circus ban and why it needs to be changed (It currently only bans wild animals, so therefor dogs, birds & horses etc are still used) – 33.00

Which circuses to avoid – 33.30

Public Reactions – 37.50

Animal Testing, how and why it can and now (in 2019) it should be avoided – 39.30

Undercover in the mink farm, what they saw & what they learnt 40.20

Why we as consumers need to say no to fur in 2019 – 47.15

Ward Union Hunts, why they need to stop, why they need to be avoided and how you can help – 49.00

Advice for anyone wanting to get more involved with animal rights activism – 53.35

How Tawnie & Laura unwind & disconnect after a tough day – 56.15

Best tips when switching to a vegan diet – 58.40

Favourite vegan restaurants in Dublin – 1h 35min

Organising a vegan wedding – 1h 1.35min

Being a member of the LGBT Community in Ireland – 1h 5.00min

Recommended documentaries – 1h 9.05mins

Quick Fire Questions – 1h 9.40mins

The future plans and goals of NARA Campaigns Ireland – 1h 10.30mins


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