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Where To find Jade The vegan Cáilín

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thevegancailin/

Classes – https://www.eventbrite.ie/o/the-oily-tribe-17882224433

Jade Brady or The Vegan Cáilín as she is otherwise known is someone who i came across on Instagram after a simple such looking for some Irish vegans, i.e. someone close to home who wasn’t just sharing pictures of smoothies and smoothie bowls in the middle of winter. After following Jade I soon realised how awesome she is. Not only would she share pictures of her food which helped me generate meal ideas of my own, but also meal prepping tips (which was the subject matter in which I first mailed her over as I was totally lost and she replied with a huge in dept mail full of info to help), after that I noticed that a new love was beginning to emerge on Jades page and that was everything to do with essential oils and all the benefits they contain. A few months ago when I was sick Jade very kindly sent some oils my way to help me out and I was pretty blown away by the quick difference they made in how I felt, as i felt a lot better within hours. My mind was pretty blown and that’s when I decided I needed to get Jade on the Get It & Give It podcast, 1. To give some more in dept informations on essential oils (also just FYI Jade runs monthly classes which we speak about on the show) 2. to talk about veganism and any tips or advice she has 3. To talk about you health being your overall wealth.

Show Notes

  1. Jades first job – 1.55
  2. When and why Jade became interested in essential oils – 2.35
  3. Some chit chat about the Class that Jade had just held – 3.45
  4. Some things to keep in mind when you start using oils – 4.45
  5. Some of Jades favourite oils and what sh using them for – 6.30
  6. Diffuser 101 – 7.55
  7. What to expect from a essential oil class with Jade – 9.15
  8. Where to find all information about Jades oil classes – 10.45
  9. When and why Jade went vegan – 11.40
  10. Some of Jades favourite meals to cook – 14.30
  11. Tips for food prepping  – 15.50
  12. The best places in Dublin to go for vegan food – 17.45
  13. Vegan Travel Tips – 19.55
  14. Essential oil travel tips – 21.35
  15. Favourite makeup products / brands – 23.05
  16. Tips for unwinding – 24.45
  17. Jades favourite ways to keep fit – 26.00
  18. Favourite forms of social media – 27.25
  19. Favourite non social media apps – 28.10
  20. Favourite books – 29.00
  21. Documentaries Jade recommends – 31.20
  22. Podcast Jade recommends – 33.00
  23. Discussing different food diet types – 33.30
  24. Quick fire questions – 35.45
  25. Jades plans for 2019 – 36.35

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