Get It & Give It – Episode 1 / Teaser

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my little space in this podcasting world. This is a teaser episode to explain what the podcast is about, who you can expect to hear on the show and why I wanted to start it up.

Episodes will go out weekly on Wednesdays (I hope) and each episode should be 45 -60 minutes long.

On each episode the listeners will gain insight and information to different people who inspire me and what inspires them, what wakes them up and gets them out of bed, how they get through their day, how they focus on their goals, how they stay healthy, their top tips when it comes to food and health, their favourite beauty products (all my guests believe in cruelty free beauty) and some other tips and tricks that help them through their day. This show will be particularly interesting for anyone looking to become their own boss as each of my guests is an entrepreneur in their own right.

I will also be giving out weekly tips in each episode and that could be anything from a product, a tech tip to a health tip.

I hope you like the sound of Get It & Give It, please feel free to email me guests who you would like to hear interviewed, tips of the week or any questions you may have. Really excited for this journey πŸ™‚



Irish Mountain Child

Music – Blank & Kytt – Thursday and Snow (Reprise)

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