Episode 7 – Ailsha Davey From Flawless & Pawless Part 2


***Just to note – Companies regularly change their policies, so some of the content from the interview may no longer be correct upon date of listening. To regularly stay up to date on what is cruelty free and what is not check in with Ailsha on @flawlessandpawless to check the brand in question. Podcast was recorded the last week of May 2018. See recent update below ***

To follow on from our episode last week with Ailsha from Flawless and Pawless (which you can hear here ) this is part two of the show.

Show Notes – All recommendations are cruelty Free

1.00 Advice when starting to switch to cruelty free beauty

2.37 Celebrities Ailsha admires and is inspired by

4.15 Who Ailsha follows on social media

6.00 Ailshas favourite forms of social media to spread her message

6.20 Why greyhound racing should be avoided and not a continued ‘sport’

7.47 How Ailsha manages Flawless and Pawless

9.20 Three things that Ailsha does every day to run Flawless and Pawless

12.20 The biggest challenge with Flawless and Pawless to date.

13.20 The biggest achievement so far with Flawless and Pawless

14.30 Ailshas favourite apps

17.25 Ailshas favourite places to eat out in Dublin

19.30 How Ailsha unwinds

21.55 Ailshas favourite podcasts … she gave the best answer 🙂

25.20 Ailshas favourite documentaries

26.40 Who inspires Ailsha

27.45 Quick fire questions

UPDATE: Since this podcast was recorded, Ailsha received confirmation from the Leaping Bunny Program that Burt’s Bees is still Leaping Bunny certified, and has not had their cruelty free status revoked. They seem to have been bought over by Clorox, however it was only a false rumour that Burt’s Bees entered the Chinese market, where it is required by law for all cosmetics to be tested on animals. Ailsha can confirm that Burt’s Bees is cruelty free


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