Episode 7 – Ailsha Davey From Flawless & Pawless Part 1

Ailsha Davy from Flawless and Pawless is Irelands leading expert in all this cruelty free in the makeup and beauty industry. Flawless and Pawless was set up with the goal in mind of letting consumers know what companies are cruelty free and vegan and which other ones to avoid. Ailsha also tests out new cruelty free and vegan products, available to the Irish Market and lets her followers know whats what. I was so excited to meet Ailsha and learn from what she had to say and OMG she is just full of so much information on this subject.

***Just to note – Companies regularly change their policies, so some of the content from the interview may no longer be correct upon date of listening. To regularly stay up to date on what is cruelty free and what is not check in with Ailsha on @flawlessandpawless to check the brand in question. Podcast was recorded the last week of May 2018. See recent update below ***

Show Notes  – Everything noted is obviously cruelty free.

6.30 – Bridal Makeup Must Haves.

10.50 Why some cruelty-free brands or vegan brands may not have the packaging labeled as such.

14.00 Why to shop cruelty free.

15.40 What companies to avoid

18.00 Difference between the terms ‘cruelty free’ / ‘vegan’ / ‘not tested on animals’.

18.50 Is there any cruelty involved in ‘vegan’ products?

21.30 Ailsha’s favourite brands.

23.05 Kat Von D Tattoo Liner review – Click Here For Picture.

24.15 Ailsha’s favourite makeup products.

25.05 Why we love SoSu by SJ and the woman behind the brand, Suzanne Jackson.

26.40 What Ailsha keeps in her bag.

27.20 Cruelty Free in Aldi.

27.55 Best cruelty free sunscreen brands.

31.35 Ailsha’s favourite beauty products.

34.00 Why you should use cruelty free makeup brushes.

36.15 Makeup tools and brushes Ailsha recommends.

37.10 Best places to shop cruelty free in Dublin and in Ireland.

39.20 Best cruelty free beauty salons.




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