Episode 2 – Laura Young from Laura’s Views


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Tip Of The Week – Build your own recipe folder.

So I know that might sound like a really stupid/ ‘duh Saoirse’ tip, but seriously get a cookbook or a cook app that you like and pick recipes once every week or two and start to build up your own folder of meals you like to cook and that you also like to eat. My favourite books are Dr. Hazel Wallace – The Food Medic and Rosanna Purcell – Natural Born Feeder. My favourite app is the Deliciously Ella App. I like to pick a new breakfast, lunch or dinner and make something totally new from scratch and once I like it, I will add it to my menu folder.


My vegan Youtube recommendation – Monami Frost

Laura’s Youtube recommendation – Lily Koi Hawaii

Laura’s IGlow review and code – Laura IGlow

Laura’s meditation recommendation – 20 Minute Meditation

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