The Devil We know

I recently watch an amazing Documentary called ‘The Devil We know‘ (click to view). It is about the non-stick pan Teflon and the company DuPont and I have to say it is an absolute much watch! I literally can’t recommend how it is so important for us all to be aware of what nasties are hiding in our home, in products we use every day and in products we consume – how about no!!

The Devil We know‘ really shows the damage of this particular product ‘Teflon Non-Sticks Pans’ can do to us humans, to animals and how the environment suffers …. guys the list goes on. After watching I done an overhaul on my own kitchen and unfortunately, even though I do not like waste, a few pieces are absolutely on their way out. I need to do a little bit of research on the best ways to dispose of some of these products, like the non stick pans themselves, but also on other electrical items like slow cookers and toasters/ waffle wakers which also host non stick properties.

Just a quick FYI

  • Use stainless steel / ceramic or cast iron cookware / kitchen utensils. There are some new toxic free non stick cookware/ kitchen utensils such as GreenPan. But if shopping and in doubt of what to buy, if you are unsure, leave it out, don’t buy, instead go home and research.
  • You can get ceramic coated slow cookers / waffle makers etc etc and these are the best to buy to keep kitchen non toxic.

I will update this particular post as I find out more or do another post on the best changes to make to your home and link it HERE when done. It is something I am going to put a huge amount of research into as we are about to move into our new home and I want to keep it as toxic free and as safe an environment as it can be … without the four of us going around wearing tinfoil hats.

If you have any tips / tricks you would recommend I would LOOVVEE to read / hear them below



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