Artipoppe Carrier Review & Discount

Artipoppe Zeitgeist baby carrier review & discount

If you would like to avail of a €50/ £45 discount from your Artipoppe carrier you can shop via my referral link here – Saoirse Artipoppe

Artipoppe Zeitgeist ‘Leopard Classic’ Baby carrier out in nature

Does having a baby mean that we can no longer be stylish, ethical and multitaskers ???? Nope! Not at all and especially not in 2021. When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to get a baby carrier. I wanted to take my little girl on walks, to get more done at home and who doesn’t love cuddles on the go. I can’t remember how I came across Artipoppe, but I instantly fell in love with these carriers … especially my Leopard print one. I spent (literally) a few hours trawling the internet to look up reviews, to see how other people wore them, to see how they held up after a few years of use and I am to still find anything negative regarding the carriers.

Artipopppe Zeitgeist Classic Leopard baby carrier out in nature

My Review

First of all, the delivery time on the Artipoppe carrier was insanely quick. From the point of ordering, it was here in a few days. It comes in a beautifully designed box by Jerusha Marley (an Irish based artist). Receiving the carrier whilst pregnant …. doesn’t exactly allow you to try it out and practise it on our self to the full effect, as you might have a difficult time getting the carrier across your tummy. Practise on someone else if you want to. The good news is once you try putting the carrier on with your baby you get the idea of how to do with very quickly, probably after one or two tries. Don’t let your first time working the carrier be by yourself out and about somewhere, practise from the comfort of your own home, ideally in your bedroom, so that you can practise and fit the carrier to your your size and place your baby on your bed, so he or she is easy to lift up into the carrier and your also have a high and soft surface (your bed) beside you if you are worried about her / him falling (that won’t happen). The carrier comes with an instruction leaflet, so be sure to give that a thorough read through and there are also plenty of helpful videos available on Artipoppe Youtube’s page. The carrier is very lovely to use, to have your baby close to you and to be able to go about your day and get tasks done at home or to be able to go for walks and get cuddles on the go, is ideal. The carriers come in different fabrics with completely vegan options available … which is obviously what I opted for. The styles of the carriers are gorgeous, with everything from one block colour, animal prints, cloud designs and beautiful patterns, there is something there for everyone. I began using my carrier from when my daughter Savannah was about 2-3 weeks old and using it mostly to carry her when we are out and about.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Classic Leopard Baby Carrier – How I wear it

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use. These carriers are extremely easy to use.
  • Stylish. For the moms who want a carrier that looks amazing while using, these carriers definitely meet that need.
  • Ergonomic. Baby will be comfortable whilst being carried in an Artipoppe carrier, you can view all safety instructions HERE. They have been deemed ‘hip healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which you can read about HERE
  • High resale value. When the time comes and you are finished with your carrier, you will be able to resell your carrier for a fair price. As the carrier wear very well and are a highly sought after baby product for new moms, you will make most of your money back.
  • Vegan. There are vegan options available.
  • European product. If you are based in Europe (like me), you are supporting a European company.
  • Female owned company. Anna van den Bogert, from Holland is the proud owner of Artipoppe.
  • Sustainable. Artipoppe believe in sustainable production methods. The carriers were designed in the Netherlands, the fabric is from Lithuania and the carriers are made and finished in Lithuania.
  • Carry Options. If can carry your child either front or back, Artipoppe carriers offer both options to the parent.


  • Not 100% cruelty free. I normally will always try to support brands and companies that are 100% cruelty free. If this is not an option, I buy secondhand, following this I will opt for a cruelty free option within a brand. Artipoppe sell silk fabrics and silk is not cruelty free fabric.
  • No front facing. Unfortunately there are no front facing options for baby to be carried. I didn’t realise this at the time of purchase.
Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier Ireland

Artipoppe pricing starts at €224 and goes right up to €7,929 (yes €7,929 for a sling). If you would like to avail of a €50/ £45 discount off your Artipoppe carrier you can shop via my referral link here – Saoirse Artipoppe

Ps. If you do purchase an Artipoppe Carrier via my referral I would love to know what carrier you decide to go with – I am obsessed with them all.



Artipoppe Baby Carrier Sling Discount Code

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