COCO & EVE Review


As you may know I am all about things that are cruelty free, ethical and eco friendly, but I am also all about my hair and skin care. My hair is long, very straight, quite fine and can get dry and eventually damaged quite easy. As I say in the video above, I only get my my hair trimmed once a year and for the rest of the time, I try to take good care of it, but sometimes that is easier said than done. So I am all about trying new products for it (and obviously what ever i am trying has to be cruelty free).

I have been seeing this new product COCO & EVE hair mask all over social media and the results that the girls have been showing after using it have been pretty awesome …. yes I fall for the marketing campaigns like a true sucker – what can I do? So I bought the product and here we are. Watch the video to see all my thoughts, it’s only 5 minutes, but 5 minutes too long for me to write everything out, how ever I did write out the pro and cons below

Coco & Eve hair mask review by Irish Mountain Child


  • Quick & efficient deliver, had it with in 3ish days.
  • Lovely package presentation.
  • All packaging and material used is recycable.
  • Smells lovely.
  • Shower brush comes with it.
  • Easy to use.
  • Worked very well on my hair
  • Can get many uses out of one jar.


  • Pricey – at €45. it was a little steep, but hopefully the amount of uses I get from it will even that out.


Have you tried COCO & EVE hair mask? If so what did you think? I want all the reviews, the good and the bad.








Ps. I used an affiliate link above

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