Skye’s Communion Day


Skyes Communion Day

Skye has/ continues to have quite a busy year. Last summer she was flower girl for her father and stepmom, this year she made her communion and will be flower girl for Oisín and I. I am so proud of how Skye is growing to be such a lovely little girl. I know I am biased in my opinion of her, but she really cares for everything and everyone around her. If she see’s someone by themselves she will go and play with them and include them and hearing this from 3 different teachers in meetings is such a lovely and proud feeling. So the lead up to her communion all wedding talk was put on hold and we only had communion talk – “Are you excited?” “What are you looking forward to most” & “You are going to look like a princess”. It was such a fun lead up to it and instead of cash, we asked Skye if she would like a gift from Oisin and I, so she opted for some runners that she has had her eye on for about 7 months, that she had been putting some of her pocket money aside for.

My beauty girl.

Anyway, delving slightly off track, Skye’s Grandmother (her dad’s side) was very kind and hosted a lovely get together for all the family in her house and because it was such a lovely day we spent most of it dinning in the garden. I decided as her Grandmother was kind enough to host it that I would make sure that I made most of the food, so she wouldn’t need to worry about that. I opted to make two big dishes of pasta, an avocado salad and a vegetarian lasagne that would need to be heated for about 20 minutes prior to eating. Skyes stepmother made some delicious cakes and it really was a lovely day celebrating Skye.

Some little bits for her to wake up to.


The day before I spent the evening cooking, I wanted to make food that would fill people up and also be very tasty …. especially for those non vegans / non vegetarians. So at about 6pm I started and by about 8pm I was done with the cooking dinner and moved onto Saturday morning vegan protein pancake prep so they would just need to be reheated and wouldn’t take too much time on Saturday. I wanted to do a major clean too, as I knew we would be very busy on the Saturday and Oisín and I were heading off on Sunday for a night away so I wanted everything clean for when we got back. I left out a few little bits and pieces for Skye to wake up to and to start her day off with on the kitchen table, a card from Oisin and I – €10. to start her off and I wasn’t sure if she would need her baptismal candle so I threw that into the mix too (she didn’t need it). I also steamed all the clothes Oisín and I planned on wearing for Saturday (I have a new steamer and OMG LOVE!!!!!). So by about 12, I was tired and ready for bed. While this was all going on, I had my new favourite Netflix show ‘Touch’ on in the background. It’s a few years old and a nice easy watch. I would recommend it.


Saturday morning Skye woke up before me, which is literally the rarest thing to ever happen EVER!!!! So she watched tv for a little while and I got her pancakes, then by about 9.30am she started getting ready as we had to be in the church by 11am, I thought I was giving myself plenty of time to help Skye and to get ready myself, but as usual, I miscalculated and needed about another 40 minutes.

Cutting her cake

Once we got to the church, it was literally the cutest thing to see all the children running around in their dresses and suits, with their hair done and complimenting each other. Following that, there was a lovely breakfast held for the families and children in the school and we stayed there for about an hour and chatted with some of the other parents and there was a big table for all the children to sit together and eat.

After this I picked up my cooked food fromhome and headed to Skyes grandmothers house, but in the process we got stuck in at least 40+ minutes of unnecessary Saturday shopping traffic and this may not be a known fact about me, but, I do not deal too well with road rage, it’s not my forte. Once we got there, we were greeted with hugs and kisses from all skies extended family and we chatted for the next few hours along with some lovely food & cakes. It was a really nice day and it was also really nice for Skye to see us all together as unfortunately, gatherings like that don’t happen too often.


Outside the church.

The Clothes

Skye – Let’s start with Skye, seeing as it was her day 🙂 Most of Skyes communion clothes are amazing hand me downs through the years, I think they are roughly about 15’ish’ years old which is amazing! My mother took great care of them after my sisters wore them. The only thing we needed to buy were shoes and socks.

Me – I wore something a little out of my comfort zone pinks and peaches. I very VERY rarely, no actually change that no never wear pink, but for what ever reason I decided to for Skyes communion and ended up practically twinning with my mother 🙂 The dress I wore was gifted to me as recycled fashion from my soon to be aunt-in-law, my peachy pink blazer is about 6 years old from H&M and my shoes are a recent buy from Korkys

All in all we had a love day and Skye really enjoyed herself and felt like a princess 🙂 and the next time we will see her getting all dolled up will be the wedding 🙂


Hope you are having a lovely bank holiday weekend.






*I really spent the day being ‘in the moment’ so not all the pictures are great and taken in the moment, not perfectly posed.

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