A Much Needed Little Break……

A Little Break

Sooooo …. I took a bit of a break from a lot of things recently and truth be told it was well needed and amazing! I enjoy creating online content for all my platforms but what most people don’t realise, is that it is actually like a full time job, that unfortunately doesn’t pay any bills (yet πŸ˜‰ ) and that’s ok, but when you mix it with trying juggle building another (totally unrelated) site, part time work, full time motherhood, acting life, planning a wedding and a host of other things, it just gets too much and I needed a little break away to just evaluate everything. I took about a month off from some things and about 2-3 weeks from others and it really made all the difference. Creating content just wasn’t fun for a while, which is depressing as I LOVE doing it. But I had my time and now I am back πŸ™‚

So where am I at with…..

My Podcast ‘Get It & Give It’ artwork.

Podcast. Some people may know I am in the middle of creating a podcast channel, I will create a separate post that delves into this a bit better. The Podcast will be called “Get it & Give It”. I am soooooo damn excited to get this out there as the information given from my guests is just …. WOW!!! So interesting and so inspiring and each from very different backgrounds.

A fun impromptu wedding photography session with left over wedding materials

Wedding. With just over a month and a half to go wedding stuff is in full swing. I tried not to be a stressed bride, but as we are not hiring a wedding planner some aspects are just proving to be sightly more difficult than I imagined they would be, which again I will talk about another time, after the wedding. But I have my dress, the invites have gone out and we are just trying to discuss ceremony music now πŸ™‚


Online Content. I enjoy writing, I enjoy creating videos and I enjoy capturing beautiful pictures. The problem I was having was that I needed some tie away to reevaluate how I was creating it and putting it out to people. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I wanted my Instagram to have more of a ‘theme’ and focus, I still haven’t it figured out completely yet, but I am definitely more happy with the plan and schedule I have going forward. Some stuff may not be as regular, as I was almost 5 days a week on this website and daily onΒ FacebookΒ andΒ Instagram, as well as recording and editing a YouTube video once a week, so I am still planning on getting a lot out every week, but just not as much and also I will not be as hard on myself as I was as that is ultimately what stressed me, which is ridiculous!!

Quite possibly my new favourite breakfast from Storyboard Dublin 8. I get a vegan version of ‘Mushies + Toast’

Food and Health. I have to come clean and admit that apart from dinner I am definitely not someone who eats as well as she should, some mornings I might have the healthiest breakfast going and others (which are more often than not) I will have nothing until lunch, which may just be a pre-cooked vegan meal or a toasted vegan cheese sandwich. I always make sure Skye eats healthily, but again I could do better and all of this was also stressing me out. So I took some time out (do you all get I took some time away by now haha) and just really researched what I needed to be doing better and some of the stuff I need to change are ; Vitamin B12, good fats, calcium & water.

A recent walk up Three Rock.

Health and Fitness. Ok so I like everyone, am not 100% happy with my figure, I know I am lucky with what I have, but if I want to be wearing bikinis on honeymoons and what not I need a serious impromptu toning up session. I signed up to Malin Bjork & Kayla Itsines programs at different times and while I loved the rewarding feeling of having done the work outs, I just started finding excuses not to do them for days and weeks and now a month later here we are. So fitness needs to take some focus again now too πŸ™‚ During my ‘time off’ I didn’t really think about this and need to take an hour out some night and come up with a plan. But one way I really like to keep fit is actually by going on nature walks and hikes and a spot of yoga at home.

A picture of me living my best life surrounded by Dalmatian puppies

So there you have it. Some time off to just think about my life and how I am going to conquer it. I think it’s important for everyone to take this time off to themselves. As people, we have never fully had ourselves ‘out there’ as much as we do in this day and age and I know I definitely put aspects of my life online a lot more so than others and I am fine with that as for some weird reason I love the process of it, but I think it is important to share the good and the bad and I hope I have done that by openly saying “hey guys, it all got a bit much for me at this point in my life with everything I had going on and I needed space and time to think about everything from jobs to weddings to my health”. There definitely isn’t anything wrong with saying ‘yaaaaah I needed a break’ and I think I am seeing a lot more people do it in the last year or so and believe me it makes a major difference πŸ™‚


Annyyywayyyy… I am writing this while chilling out on my balcony in the sun. I spent the morning cleaning and and sorting out my urban garden, getting rid of what was dead, sorting out what I need over the summer months and now knowing that some herbs die and don’t come back (duh Saoirse) I know what I need to plant together and separately. I also want to get some new pots and beds for them, but I hope you too got a chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful heat wave we have been having πŸ™‚ Enough about my urban garden. Things should be back in a full and regular swing next week.



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