Fun In the Snow

Storm Emma

If you have been following my Irish Mountain Child Facebook or Instagram Account you will know that I have taken full advantage of being snowed in. Guys, I literally had the best few days ever! It was great to have both Skye and Oisín home for a few days, just us chilling out, watching movies, reading, writing, being creative, going out in the snow, taking pictures for this site and for memories, taking a few days off the ‘diet’ 🤷 and just indulging. The easier way to put it would be that there literally wasn’t one moment I didn’t enjoy! I’ve said it before and I will say it again…. I love the snow!!

outfit 1
My snow outfit from Lapland 2016 that I reused for Storm Emma 2018

Luckily for us, we were all pretty prepared for the weather with all our Lapland gear, which you can read about here – What To Pack For Lapland. So when we went out we definitely weren’t at all cold.


So What Did We Do…….

We totally just took advantage of the few days off and watched comedy family films, some snow movies ….. does the vampire horror ’30 Days of Night’ consist of a snow movie?? It does for me 😀 But I actually mostly worked on an up and coming project I have and it was great to be able to know I didn’t have to be anywhere and would get the whole day to focus. Skye very much also got in the creative zone and has spent the last few days writing her own book, including sketching all the pictures 😀 Very proud of her imagination. We also had some cosy meals in. I luckily had stocked up on food prior to the snow, but if anything the bread situation in Ireland has made me promise I will learn to make my own, no one wants to be left without toast 😀 I also had a nice stock of Vego bars ready for when the cravings hit.

My Favourite day however was when all three of us went out on Thursday before the snow got very bad and honestly we had the best time. We were out playing and exploring for about 3 hours. Maybe it’s just because it doesn’t snow so heavily in Ireland, but I honestly think a snow covered view, just makes everything that little bit more beautiful.

Our Snow Adventure



We passed by Heuston Station which was dead! Like literally one of the busiest places in Dublin was empty and all the trains / lights turned off, bar one of the shops in the station. We also found some icicles outside the station, dangling from one of the walls.



PP 1
Walking around a beautiful snow covered Phoenix Park, Dublin’s victorian park. Storm Emma 2018

After passing through Heuston Station, we then headed straight towards a beautiful snow covered Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park is already absolutely beautiful, but to see it covered in snow, was just a moment (a few hours) I will always treasure. We literally spent 2 hours having snow ball fights, dunking each others heads in snow and just having the biggest laugh. The park was quite busy with people just having fun and enjoying the snow. We spent some time next to the Wellington Monument messing, then we walked further into the park and took in the views.

IB 1
A snow covered Islandbridge & The River Liffey during Storm Emma 2018

We walked around Islandbridge then and into the National War Memorial Gardens to see a relatively empty, but breathtakingly beautiful park.

WM 1
A snow covered National War Memorial Gardens after Storm Emma 2018. Dublin
WM 2
A snow covered National War Memorial Gardens after Storm Emma 2018. Dublin

After that we went back to the apartment and got warm and ready for the snow storm – Storm Emma. We have big windows in our apartment so when the snow storm started to get heavy we stayed in bed or sat on the couch and looked at it all fall. It was probably one of my favourite views.

Window views of Storm Emma 2018, note all our boots left out to dry.

So as you can see, we took full advantage of the few days off and really enjoyed them. My favourite moment was probably tripping Oisín up and putting him head first in the snow – I am romantic like that 😀

What did you get up to with all the snow? Did you enjoy it? Were you snowed in? My family in Wicklow are actually still snowed in.





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