Cork & Kerry (Mostly Dingle) Vlog



Happy Thursday All,

We were lucky enough to get a few days away down the south of Ireland, in Cork and Kerry …. but as the title says, we spent most of our time in Dingle. I would highly recommend a visit to Dingle, if you haven’t already been. Now it is a bit OTT with trying to lure tourists in, but I kind of like it. Nearly every shop you go into with have traditional Irish music on and even as you can see in my video, there is a “hold a baby lamb” tourist trap, please don’t fall for stuff like that, not only is it ridiculous, but it is also most likely a rip off. But the most amazing thing about Kerry is the scenery, it’s almost like a bit of heaven. You will have the highest mountains across ocean bays and if you can imagine swimming in the ocean with a view like that it is just surreal 🙂

I hope you like the video, and that you learnt something from it. It was definitely more a vlog than an informative video. I hope to go back soon and do a different type of video, but seriously how could I not vlog the beauty of it.

Have you been to Dingle? What did you think?



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