Romantic Dates 2018 // Dublin & Ireland // Cruelty Free & Vegan

Most Romantic Dates 2018

Hey Guys,

Happy Wednesday, or should I say happy Valentine’s Day …. is that a thing people who aren’t romantically linked say to each other? Well I just did. So this Valentine’s Day Oisin and I aren’t actually dong anything too exciting the night of, but we are going away for  a few days at the end of the week, which I am really looking forward to.

Most of the places mentioned, we have been to previously, maybe not necessarily on Valentines Day, but I really enjoyed our time in each and thought that they would be very romantic places to go to again. Not all of them are strictly vegan, but each of the one’s mentioned do great vegan food that I have either eaten in or have had friends recommend the venue to me.


A Meal With A View…….

  • Sophies Dublin
    Image from Sohpie’s Tripadvisor account.
    Dates 6
    On a night out in Sophie’s With two of my gals.

    Ok now if you are looking for an intimate, very private dinner for two, this may not be the place for you, but if you are looking for somewhere with absolutely beautiful views of Dublin this is a great place to book into. With prior notice given, the chief will be able to organise some good vegan dishes for your meal. I previously had  vegan gnocchi and some delicious salads here.

  • Aqua Restaurant
    Image from –  here

    Aqua Restaurant has a lot going for it. It caters for vegans, even though it is a seafood restaurant, the views are just phenomenal and the table layout is quiet intimate, the only thing is that it may be a little out of the way for some, it is based in Howth. I haven’t been here but I have heard great reviews

Something Different…….

  • Tea Garden
    Image from – Here

    For something a little bit different you should definitely check out the Tea Gardens, you can book into your own private booth, there are cushions on the ground and a table for your tea and nibbles to be placed on. I have been here previously and really liked it. It’s quite funky.

  • Vintage Cocktail Club
    Love the interior here – Imagine from – here 

    I havn’t personally been here but have heard rave reviews and a vegan friend or two have been here and advised to just let your waiter know that you are vegan so that they can advise you on what drinks to order. They did also say the food options weren’t ideal for vegans, but most people come for the cocktails.

  • MV Cill Airne – Dinner On A Boat 

    The night came here, we were very lucky that we got a table in the corner all to ourselves, which made it very intimate. I was a vegetarian when I went here and I found the meals to be delicious, so I am sure with some prior notice they would be able to prepare a delicious vegan meal. (image from – here)


A Romantic Nights Getaway……..

  • Powerscourt Hotel
    dates 5
    On a romantic trip away to Powerscourt relaxing by the pool – in bliss!!!

    This is kind of our ‘go to’ hotel, as it is only  short drive from Dublin and it is hidden away from everything, basked in nature with the most beautiful views surrounding it. If you are staying here and you are vegan, you can give them prior notice in their Sika Restaurant, when we stayed previously we went here once and I was vegetarian and I wasn’t too impressed with their vegetarian options. We then stayed here and tried their bar food and i have to say, chips and vegetables is always good. I didn’t enquire about anything else as it was the day we got engaged and my mind was on other things, then another time we stayed we actually went to the Happy Pear in Greystones, which is a 15 minute drive from the hotel. You can then take a walk around the beautiful estate and gardens. (Image from – Here)

  • Glenlo Abbey 

    We stayed in Glenlo Abbey for two nights in the lead up to Christmas and just found it to be absolutely perfect. They catered for vegans so good, once I told them I was vegan, they gave me different food options to choose from. We dinned in (or should it be on??) the Pullman Restaurant (an old Orient Express tram) one night and went into Galway the second. Everyone kept to themselves and just took in the beautiful countryside around us.



So there you have it guys, a round up of some of my favourite romantic places and some one or two places that are on my list to try out too. I hope you like it and I hope it has come in of some use to you. If you have anywhere else romantic you could add to this list , please comment it below 🙂

I hope you are doing something nice today or at some stage over the week whether you are single or in a relationship






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