Valentine’s Day Gift Guide // Cruelty Free & Ethical

Valentines Day Gift Guide-4

So it’s that time of year again, a day some hate or a day some love, I personally love it and not just because I am in a relationship, I always have, even when I was single. I just think it is a nice day and a nice time to yet again celebrate with the one you ‘romantically’ love. Is it a Hallmark day, yes probably, definitely a little bit, but a nice lovely day can still be had with it. This year, we won’t be celebrating so much on the 14th, but more so on the weekend! Anyway, in the mean time I was looking to gift ‘bae’ with something small on the day aaaaannd this post is for your benefit too Oisin, so I hope you are reading 🙂 I done a bit of research into some cruelty free and ethical gifts, so here are my favourites, which hopefully you might find of use too 🙂


Last year we stayed in The Shelbourne Hotel for the night and had a very not fancy dinner out. It was really nice as the hotel is AMAZING and very romantic, but we went to TGI Fridays (not pictured) but as it was one of the least romantic places to be on February 14th it wasn’t busy at all and we had a great time 🙂


Cruelty Free & Ethical Valentine’s Day Gifts 

  1. LUSH – Love Hearts

As you know I am an avid LUSH and bath bomb fan, so a box decorated full of hearts mixed with bathbombs and bubble-bars that smell of romance is right up my alley, especially for a nice pamper night in with some lovely candles, a book and some relaxing background music.



2. Sustainable Flowers – Flowers Made Easyred-tulips

We all like a nice boutique of flowers every now and then, but what makes the flowers and plants from ‘Flowers Made Easy’ so good is the commitment behind them. Flowers Made Easy is part of FFP (Fair Flowers Fair Plants), an initiative set up to make sure that shops and suppliers abide by these codes of conduct –

  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Equality of treatment
  • Living wages
  • Working Hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Pesticides and Chemicals
  • Security of employment
  • Protection of the environment
  • Child labour is not used
  • No forced labour



3. Earrings – BaYou With Love x Dell Opal_Hoop_4

When Nikki Reed set up her clothing label – BaYou With Love, she had sustainability, good ethics and low environmental waste all at the forefront of what her brand stood for. Fast forward to 2018, when Nikki released her jewellery collaboration with Dell, using recycled gold from the gold found in the mother boards of recycled computers. These would make a good gift for the one whom you love, although as they are shipped from America, it might be a late Valentines Day gift.



4. Black & Blum Eau Good Charcoal Water Bottle On The Go EGO_Lime_1024x1024

One easy way to show how much you love that certain someone is to keep them hydrated on the go. This refillable bottle is something you can take with you and fill on the go, while the charcoal stick will act as a filter and clean the tap water. Each filter will last about 6 months with a quick clean in boiling water half way through at about 3 months. I have one and I find it great to take with me on the go and stay hydrated.



5.  Couples Massage with The Body Shop Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil

Why not treat the one you love with an AMAZING massage. Seriously guys, there is not a lot better than showing the one you love, how much you appreciate them, than with a massage. Ask them whether they would like their shoulders, feet or back … or just an all over body massage. The Body Shop does not test on animals and has a huge world wide campaign against it which you can help by signing here – Forever Against Animal Testing


If you have any other little presents you can think of that don’t brake the bank and are also cruelty free, ethical and sustainable please let me know 🙂



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