Wedding Wednesday – Eco Friendly Confetti Idea’s

Wedding Wednesday-2

Hey Guys,

Happy Wednesday. This week I received my wedding dress and I am so excited. All is well I just need to send it away for a few alterations, but I am so exited to wear it now on the big day. Because I got my wedding dress I began to think of the first moment everyone will see me in it, which got me thinking about the ceremony, which then got me thinking about the celebrations at the end. So confetti. Confetti can be a bit of fun to throw around as the bride and groom walk hand in hand and it can spread some excitement. All good and fun, but do you know that some materials used for confetti can be harmful for animals and the environment – glitter, rice and plastic. So I thought I would take some time to do a bit of research into the different types of confetti that are guilt free ūüôā

  1. Dried Flower Petal Confetti 16383d671a2e5731d40affb1c6e22dae.jpg This could be a really great way to add a bit of colour to your confetti and would e very easy to come across or to collect yourself. 100% biodegradable and will leave no bad foot print.
  2. Lavender Confetti¬†Lavender-wedding-toss-and-confettiI’m leaning closer and closer to the idea that we will have lavender confetti at our wedding, I love the smell and the lavender plant is just so beautiful to look at and means a lot to me personally as it was a favourite of a lovely aunts of mine, who unfortunately passed away, so it would be a nice way to have a part of her there.
  3. Small Green Leaf Confetti leaf-confetti-toss-use-leaves-as-a-natural-eco-friendly-confetti-wedding-exit This again is 100% biodegradable and acts as a lovely send off for any bride and groom. it is also a good option if you are trying to keep your colour scheme quite simple but effective.
  4. Bird Seed Confetti il_570xN.1210339542_r27d Why not have some fun while also making sure the birds get fed. Bird seed confetti is a great way to keep everyone happy. Just be sure to check that bird seed is aloud, as in certain places it may create a bit of a mess with all the birds flying around afterwards.
  5. Leaf Heart Confetti lancer-confettis-feuille-sechee-4This may take a bit of your time if you have time to spare, but the finished product can look so beautiful, especially if you wedding is in Autumn (this of all the amazing colours you will have). All you will need is some different shaped paper punchers and a few handfuls of leaves.


Most of these you can organise and collect your self, but if you are like me, there are also plenty of places in which you can buy packs of all the above from – obviously make sure the packaging and cones are all also biodegradable or else… what’s the point? If you have any other ideas for eco-friendly confetti, be sure to comment them below ūüôā








Images from here, here and here

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