My Tips For An Easier Morning

Easier Morning.png

Now before we get into this, I cannot stress enough of how much I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON!!! It genieunly takes me about 15 – 20 minutes before I can actually be a functioning human. Even if I have something exciting on that I am looking forward to, I still won’t just hop right up out of bed, but over the years (almost in protest) I have accumulated some tricks that definitely help me look and act like a living person 🙂

My Tips For An Easier Morning

  1. Prep. 27537512_10215546852049132_1808459829_o Get what you can ready the night before. By this I mean, get your clothes ready, lay them out on a chair. Have your lunch and bag ready to walk out don’t start making lunch before you have to go, prep it the night before and while you’re at it, depending on what sort of breakfast you plan on having, prep that the night before too. If you like fresh fruit with porridge make sure it’s cut and ready to pour into your bowl when your porridge is ready. So prep prep prep and and your future morning self will be thankful for it.
  2. List It Out. 27535192_10215546851609121_1829381169_o This actually falls into prep the night before as well. Make a to do list for the day ahead so you know what you need to do. I always find when I take the time to do this, I am always far more productive and effiecnt the next day as I amn’t wasting time messing around figuring out what needs to be done.
  3. H2o 27747283_10215595034533664_1969036846_o Before you eat or drink anything try and drink a full glass of water. It kicks your systems into gear and clears out anything left over from the day before. If this is something new to you, start with a glass and then try working your way to a pint glass and then a litre. I personally can only do a glass and a half as I am always starving in the mornings.
  4. Big, Bright Breakfast. 27604406_10215546851569120_1304055867_o By ‘big, bright breakfast’ I mean a good healthy breakfast that you will look forward to and it will at least give you one extra thing to look forward to. This is something different for everyone. Personally I like some delicious porridge or avocado on toast – obviously if I am staying the night somewhere fancy, it’s a whole different ball game, Hello fancy fry 🙂 But if you are just sticking to Cornflakes and milk (unless that’s your thing) because they are quick and easy to pour. You need to step out of your comfort zone and find something healthy and filling for breakfast that you LOVE.
  5. Stretch 27746801_10215595034493663_1513274117_o Ideally you will want between 5-10 minutes of stretching and yoga at the start of the day to really do your body good. You will notice the great feeling of this over time. But if like me, you would rather spend those precious minutes in bed, you can still do your stretches in the morning and get most of the benefits, you just might miss out on the relaxation aspect. To get my stretches in when I over slept, I will do them while getting dresses, when I am brushing my teeth or when I am waiting on milk to heat (almond milk that is). So stretch it out and off you go.


Do you have any tips that you do differently that you feel help you in the morning?



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