My Favourite Home Workout Channels On Youtube

My Favourite

Happy Monday everyone,

I had actually intended to get this post out earlier in January to help with anyone who has made ‘fitness’ part of their new years resolutions. There is no ‘one fits all’ when it comes to keeping healthy and fit. People are all at different levels, everyone has different likes and dislikes and what your find likes …. you may not like. Finding your niche and what you like, is crucial to your fitness journey, as if you hate doing something for 30-40 minutes the chances of you keeping it up are not too high. I know what I like and what I don’t like – and I f*cking HATE running, but I do it with Oisin, because in the words of Greyson from ‘Cougar Town’ – “Sometimes when you are in a relationship, you have to do things that you don’t want to do, it’s part of being a couple!”

Does anyone else love Cougar Town?


Anywayyyyy, getting slightly off track there, I know what I like and what I don’t like… although there are many things I have yet to try. One thing I know I like and I am good at is home workouts from YouTube. The reasons why I like them are …

  1. No Excuses. If I know I need to get back on track, I know that home workouts = no excuse workouts. They can be done at any time of the day -Morning, noon or night and can fit into your day easily.
  2. Choices. The choices on Youtube workouts are endless…. like literally endless. If you are in the mood for some yoga stretching on Monday and a HIIT on Tuesday, it’s all there at the click of a button.
  3. Worldwide Challenges. All the channels will do challenges that you can join (I personally haven’t done this yet). But most of the trainers will also set up Facebook groups to go with the different challenges so that everyone can keep in touch, questions can be answered and motivation stays high, so even though you may be home alone doing these workouts, you are part of a bigger group.
  4. Let’s Get Specific. If there is a certain area you want to target, like your shoulders or bum, it’s easily done. Type in what you want and you will have the choice of 100s of different videos to choose from.


Me this week, before I started to sweat with the Malin Bjork home workout program.

Obviously there will be days and times I stay healthy and fit outside of my home, but  this is something that has worked for me for a while now and I thought I would share my favourite accounts with you.

  1. Yoga With Adrienne. Ok, first things first, the reason why I like Yoga With Adrienne, is down to Adrienne. She is nice to watch and listen to, I like her sense of humour when she cracks a joke mid video and she has plenty of videos to choose from. I tend to do Yoga every 2 or 3 days and try to get a morning session done to start the day off. With over 3,053,483 subscribers (last time I counted), she is clearly doing something right.



2. Jessica Gresty. One half of of the amazing Gresty Fitness duo. Now I don’t follow Jessica’s exact regime (Obviously … have you seen my arms compared to hers?) but I do follow her channel for Q&As, Tip Videos and all then vegan fitness (Jessica is vegan). The sister and brother team have many quick tip work out videos to select from too – but they are all mostly for gym work outs. But the channel is great if you have any information tips about diet and fitness mixed with veganism.


3. Blogilates. Cassey Ho is a huge bubble of personality and turned both of her passions, blogging and pilates into a multi million dollar business. Through her channel you can pick and choose between numerous workouts, target area videos and weekly/ monthly challanges. You can also meal prep ideas or delicious breakfast and dinner ideas through her videos. You can also narrow down the videos to choice from, by the amount of time you can dedicate to your workout, she has mostly 5-10 minute workout videos available. Chassey is leading the fitness YouTube world with over 4,022,225 subscribers.



4. Malin Bjork. Even though she isn’t well known on Youtube, I am a huge fan of hers, I came across her on Instagram and haven’t turned back! I do her home workouts, I bought one of her programs and follow the instructions from home. She does have plenty of work out videos available on her channel and they are great if you want help in perfecting some of the moves and forms. She also regularly does challanges with her clients and has a private Facebook page for us all to ask questions and support each other. She is very interactive with her clients and followers and will always answer questions.



5. Popsugar Fitness. Anna Rendener is the face behind Popsugar Fitness. A Youtube channel with all different types of fitness workouts available – Zumba, HIIT, Yoga, Kick Boxing and even ‘Working Out With Dogs’ to name a few! She has guest trainers in her videos and her video suit everyone of all age and level as there are hundreds to choose from and if you can only fit in a 5 minute work out – fine or if you want to do about an hour long – easy 🙂 She has the video for you!


So there you have it! All my favourite youtube channels to follow for home workouts, health and fitness Tips. Do you have any channels or online trainers you would recommend for home workouts?



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