Why I like To Post Outfit Selfies & My Style

Why I like To Post Outfit Selfies & My Style

Fun fact about me…. I studied Fashion Buying & Merchandising and also worked in the fashion industry briefly before I took a different road in this journey we call life. I have always had a love for fashion and style and I tell you the above as I know how the fashion world works. But here is the thing, fashion is what you want it to be. Your sense of style and fashion may not be the same as Susan next door or what Gucci has decided is in season. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes a trend and style will come along that I can fully get on board with and other times I will incorporate bits and pieces of what is ‘in’ and make them my own.

My Style

If I was to define my style, it would probably mostly be casual mixed with a bit of a rock chick mixed with some gothic victorian glamour. WTF does that even mean Saoirse??? Well most of my clothes are black, white or grey with some beautiful red dresses thrown in there. You will usually always find me in jeans with boots or converse and a cosy top. If it’s a night time date or special occasion, I love red or something mixed with red lips, I also love to incorporate lace into my look – I just don’t do it often enough because hello cosy nights in. Every so often I like to spice things up ……….. and by spicing things up I mean I like to go for something a little bit more on the feminme side of things, but when I do this you bet your ass I am teaming it with my faux leather jacket or studded boots and shoes.

My more ‘feminine’ style

The fashion trends I like when they come around are the dark (black, brown & burgundy) winter lace collections (LOVE), classy rock chick, bohemian & cowgirl, but when they come around I normally will pick up one piece from a shop and incorporate it into my wardrobe again and again. I try to keep my clothes – that being said when I moved out of my parents house this time last year I had 9 (yes NINE) bags of clothes that went to charity – don’t even ask how I had that many, but I did and now they are gone. I keep my clothes and I take good care of them, that way I find I can keep them for years. If any of you follow my Instagram Account  (click link if not) you will know I have one pair of blue jeans that I pretty much live in, I just take super care of them and something that cost me €40ish has lasted beyond what most people would get out of them (I will do a post on how I care for my clothes at a later point).

My Infamous Blue Jeans

So I guess the gist of what I am saying. I do not follow seasonal trends, if an item of clothing happens to be for sale and I LOVE it, I will buy it, but I do not buy clothes just to stay ‘in style’, has never been me and never will.

Where I Find Fashion Inspiration 

I get inspiration from all over the place, Instagram and Pinterest are mostly where I get my inspo from (to see my Pinterest Style board click – Irish Mountain Child Pinterest Fashion). I look at someone’s outfit and I will try to incorporate that look from my own wardrobe, 99% of the time I am able to do this and also as I am pulling the look out from what I already have it puts my own twist on the look. Other places I get inspiration from are walking around and looking at someones outfit, walking around shops and seeing what’s ‘in’ and FYI the fashion world and shops have made it an almost weekly thing for the next new must have buy???. I get inspiration from movies and shows – I could see a style or look that I love and again incorporate it as my own from my wardrobe and for anyone wondering, this is so easily done. Try it and it will become second nature to you. With all that being said people’s style does evolve as they evolve and grow as a person and that is 100% normal, but that dons’t mean it grows and evolves for every new fashion season which is almost 5 times a year (if not more), previously it was summer & winter only and clothes from previous years was used the next year.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 14.25.12

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 14.23.43My Pinterest Fashion Board


Why I Post Outfit-Selfies On Instagram

Apart from my grá for (my) style, I actually have a genuine reason for all my instagram selfies. It is mostly to being about to show people how simple it is to not get sucked into following ‘fashion trends’ and what shops want the consumers to feel they MUST buy!! Now in saying that I am all for supporting ethical and sustainable shops and brands, but I am also for making use of what you already have and I like to show this via my 5 year old tops that I still wear or my red dress that I might wear on two nights out in one month – OH the nerve. I just want to show, that you can still rock what you already own. I also like to promote responsible shopping where possible and this can be done in various different ways. My favourite shops are charity shops; Oxfam, St Vincents & Gorta etc. Following that there are a handful of other shops I support, Fresh Cuts being somewhere I have yet to shop, but wholeheartedly support. I suppose, I want to get the point across that outfits can still be stylish and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the latest item from River Island or Primark to be beautiful.



My Top Wardrobe Tips

  • Keep your clothes and take good care of them.
  • Know your style, what you feel comfortable in and what you feel suits you.
  • Be open to inspirations not just from the catwalks. Find inspirations from what YOU like not what you are told to like.
  • Buy and recycle fashion. The fashion industry is the second most damaging industry in the world and the unseen side of fashion is far from beautiful, if you want a read check out
  • If there is a trend in town you love, of course buy what you like, but try to buy pieces you will keep and can be incorporated into different styles and looks you might want to wear.


That’s about it for me and what I can say about my style & fashion. Do you have any tips how you stay a conscious fashionista? Or how do you define your style? Send me some links so I can be inspired 🙂



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