What I Love About The Christmas Season

What I Love About The Christmas Season

Now I have said it before and I will say it again, Autumn is my favourite season…..visually and I also love all the fun and excitement that surrounds halloween, but Christmas my favourite time of the year to embrace and be a part of! I honestly think Christmas is what you make it and I always try to make the most of it. We have a few family traditions that we love to do every year that seem to make Christmas that extra bit special for us.



What I Love About Christmas

  1. Spending Time With Those I Love

I know that is a bit of a ‘cornfest 2000’, but it is true. I am definitely a family girl and I love spending time with those nearest and dearest to me. With everyone being off work and all the excitement that is in the air, there is definitely a special vibe. I also love that a Christmas we spend some time with our extended family that we might no see as often throughout the year. I love catching up with my younger cousins, my aunts and uncles and especially as everyone is in such good form. This year was no different, we had a fantastic few days seeing everyone and being with everyone.



2. The Fun Christmas Dates

As I said above I think Christmas is what you make it. Every year I like to make a list of all the things I like to see and do over Christmas. This year my list was extra fun (in some ways) as it was my first time living out of home and in the city and my first (and last) time being engaged over Christmas, so there was an extra bit of romance in the air over Christmas for me. Here is a list I made of some of the outings and dates I wanted to have over Christmas.


As I write this there are still somethings left to see and do on my list, that hopefully I will get to do over the next week before Skye goes back to school.



3. The Food

Oh man the food!! Now just because I am vegan, does not mean I don’t enjoy the food over Christmas, mulled wine (both non alcoholic & alcoholic) in particular is just everything!! I think it can be easy to be a vegetarian or vegan over Christmas….especially in 2017 as shops are catching on to consumer trends. There are plenty of roasted veg and apple crumble galore. This year I made a Brussel Sprout dish as I only needed 4 ingredients which I had at home and it was delicious! Something to keep in mind is – Saoirse doesn’t eat Brussel Sprouts, so the fact that I made it, let alone ate it says a lot, I will post the ingredients at a later time. All in all lets just say with all the family get-togethers and dinners out and also my own cooking and treats at home my trousers are a little tighter this time of year.



4. The Beauty of Christmas

I don’t know about you guys, but I love seeing beautifully Christmas trees, I love seeing Christmas lights brighten up the streets and I love the spicy cinnamon smells that seem to be in the air. I think Christmas can be one of the most beautiful times of the year (extra beautiful if it snows). But I think when families put up their trees and when shops and businesses put up their decorations, heck there are even some people who decorate random trees on country roads and I think it all adds to the excitement of Christmas! There is one road in particular, that when you drive up it at night it is just so visually stunning that it makes you happy, it’s the Citywest Road in Dublin. As you can see from my list above, I like to drive around with Skye in the car and look at all the different houses and how the families decorate the exteriors for Christmas. This year we picked our favourite big house in the country, our favourite road full of houses that seemed to join together and our favourite house in an estate.  We also thoroughly enjoyed decorating our own home. We done it last year in a different house, which we kept all the decorations and were able to use them again this year along with some new ones.



5. Christmas Gifts and The Moments That You Give

Ok this is my inner child, but obviously I still love receiving gifts, I don’t think I will ever grow out of that. but I also love seeing peoples faces when I give them a present……unless of course they hate it, then it’s not so great. But this year was definitely a success, I put a lot of thought into all the gifts I bought and each of them had a purpose for that person, so it is great to see them love and like their gifts and also use them. FYI I think the most expensive gift I bought this year was a jacket for my dad for about €60. Good gifts shouldn’t break the bank. One of my favourite gifts I bought was a facecloth that you use only with water to take your make up off and as my sister is always on the road and staying in different places I though it would be handy for her to take with her as she won’t need to take a heap of product along too 🙂


So they are some of my top reasons as to why I love Christmas so much. I am sure everyone has different reasons. Another top reason for me is all the cosy nights in with good films and shows…and of course good food, but that was mentioned above. I would love to know other peoples reasons for loving Christmas too 🙂 Is there anything that sticks out to you over the festive period that makes you love it?









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