Highlights & Lessons – My 2017

My 2017 Highlights & Lessons

2017 was such an awesome year that I really loved almost every moment!! Such great things happened during the year that I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. I like to look back at the year and celebrate the highs and learn from the lows.

My Favourite Moments of 2017

  1.  Getting Engaged To The Guy Of My Dreams. So for those who don’t know, I have had a big crush on Oisín, a 17 year long crush to be exact! When we started dating I realised everything I ever wanted in a man, he was it. Which I personally think is crazy. I had actually put off having a serious partner until I was in my 40s, I didn’t think I would get married, I had planned to have a party celebrating myself once I had accomplished all my dreams in later life 🙂 So to meet ‘the one’ was just amazing and to be asked to marry ‘the one’ is even better. Oisín proposed in my favourite place – Glendalough, which has always been a special place to me and now is extra special. So definitely the 8th of July was a highlight!!


2. Seeing How Amazing Skye Is

I wasn’t the only one for whom 2017 held big changes, my daughter Skye also had some major changes happen. Skye moved school, but not only did she move school, she moved to an Irish speaking school with only a very basic understanding, but 5 months later, she is flying along! I am so impressed with how well she is doing and love when she comes home speaking new words. I speak fluent Irish and to hear her sing the same Christmas Carols I used to sing at her school was such a lovely moment, so seeing how amazing she is doing and continues to progress have been amazing moments!

3. Scuba Diving

When I was was growing up I always watched The Little Mermaid, I was always obsessed with what went on under the sea! Swimming was my first protocol, I knew once I could swim, that was half the battle. I done various other swimming courses such as life saving 1-3 during my teenage years …… Secret Fact – I’ve actually saved two people from drowning. I also love to surf and body board. When I was about 12 I was staying with my cousin in Galway and we all went to see a Dolphin we heard had taken a liking to humans, fast forward two years since that day, Saoirse is about 14 and spent almost every day during the summer and at least two weekends per month after that swimming with said Dolphin and I can only describe it as one of the most amazing experiences of my life. (It goes without saying that I do not support dolphins being held in amusement parks for people to jump in and get a picture with, this is not ok and after being taken from their natural habitat away from their friends and family most dolphins die at an early age due to depression)….. But after I swam with Dusty the dolphin during my early teenage years, life got in the way and my love for the ocean was put on hold, until in late 2016 I joined a scuba diving group and began scuba diving training. I scuba dived in 3 or 4 different locations across Ireland, mostly off Hook Head – OMG its amazing, so many different crab, lobsters and fish to look at and on one of our dives my trainer Liam and I, even had a brief encounter with a seal in his cave. Doing this was so amazing, I had hoped to get out more and even had a GoPro camera to start filming, but I was too focused on my breathing and oxygen levels (as I am still learning) that I got no footage, but what I saw with my eyes was just everything I had ever been excited about!

4. Italy & France

Unfortunately over the last 6-7 years holidays and trips abroad became a thing of the past, but in November 2016 I had my first trip abroad to Lapland which was followed by two trips away in 2017 🙂 To Rome and France. I had such a fantastic time away. Rome, or as I labelled the holiday – ‘Romantic Rome’, was so amazing and visually beautiful. It was only for four days, but we had such a great time, just Oisín and I. We ate lots of pasta and pizza and got lost on the gorgeous cobbled streets more often that I would like to admit. I went to France then for two weeks with my crazy family and Skye. Even though they drive me insane at the best of times I had such a good time. I read 4 books and was at the beach or pool every day and loved every moment of feeling the vitamin D hitting my skin. FYI I am one of the most safe people in the sun. With what we know in 2017 we have no other option but to be safe!


5. Moving Out & Becoming Home Owners

2017 Was the year I took a big leap and moved out of my family home and into our new home with Skye and Oisín. Moving from a house of 9 to a house of 3 is a big change for anyone, especially an ultimate Mommy & Daddy’s girl like me, but it was definitely the right move, it was time for me to go…. I had actually been promising my mom that I would be the last of all her children to go, but when loves ACTUALLY comes along what can you do? Moving out was great in so many ways, as I had 28 years accumulated in one room and add Skyes 8 to it as well…… it was getting a bit crowed. It was great to move out and make our new home our own, it’s great to be able to leave clothes on my bed out for me, knowing they will still be there when I get back (sneaky sisters) and it is great having a kitchen all to myself – being vegan is 100 x times more easier I think when you have total control over the kitchen and what goes into it and I will use the example of sharing a kitchen with NINE other people, all of whom are not vegan.

The Lessons 2017 Thought Me

  1. Saying No. 

I 100% will admit to being a people pleaser, sometimes even to my own decrement and it just causes me so much stress. My parter thought me the importance of saying no, unless it 100% serves me too and helps me grow. The time I would of spent having said yes to certain things would of completely taken my energy away from what it needed to be focused on. So saying no is a good time. Say Yes to saying no!!

2. Fast Fashion

In April of this year I watched a Documentary called True Cost, which really proved to be an eye opener for me. I never realised how disgusting one of the most ‘beautiful’ industries could be. It is actually very scary how different our world is to some people’s and after watching True Cost I no longer want to feed into that and have made some huge changes in my life which I will take forward to future years swell.

3. People Have Less Time For Bullshit

I know I definitely have no time for bullsh!t and I am starting to see that the older we get the more straight forward and to the point we need to be. Especially now, with fast technology, fast transport and fast food, we are definitely becoming an impatient bunch, if we want something, we want it now! And that’s all absolutely fine as I am definitely a ‘now’ person too, but it does serve everyone well to have patience too. So know your audience, know what needs to be prioritised and know what needs to be put to the back burner (family are always first), but those in the business world need things done quick and things done right. Emails are always appreciated when answered as soon as possible , jobs are always appreciated when done right and communication (unless yore dealing with a chatty person) is always appreciated when we get to the point and get our points across well. Clear and prompt communication is key.

So there you have it. My quick round up of 2017. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and you all got just as much out of it too. If anyone is out tonight I hope you enjoy yourselves and stay staff!! For us we are planning a quite night in watching Gavin and Stacey season 1 as I have never seen it before and Netflix only seem to have seasons 2-3.

See you in 2018



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