How To Help Irish Charities Over Christmas

Irish Charities To Help At Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of Christmas. I love the lead up to it, I love the excitement around it, the Christmas trees, the Christmas lights, the mulled wine smell and that slight tinge of extra happiness and excitement that fills the air. But unfortunately, as we all know, not everyone feels that same excitement. In fact for some people in can be the exact opposite, it can be terrible. But we all have different gifts that we can give that can help make someone else Christmas a little bit better.

The Obvious

  • A Few Spare Pennies. There are many different charities across Ireland (some listed below) that need help with funding, especially at this time of year. You could put aside some of your Christmas bonus or perhaps some of any financial gifts you receive over Christmas to give to a charity of your choice.
  • Fundraising Events. There are different themed events you can hold at this time of year to raise some extra funds, some fun Christmas themed events are – Gift Wrapping Service(with eco friendly wrapping paper of course), Christmas Wreath and Decoration Making, Christmas Quiz Night full of questions all centring around Christmas and everyone wears their best Christmas cardigan…Obviously, Carol Singing with the best singers in your group, Christmas Fair.
  • Spread The News Of Your Charity. Even if you can’t donate and you don’t have time to fundraise, you can still help by sharing the word of you charity. In this day and age we can get a message from one side of the world to the other in less than second. The power of social media is astonishing and can really make a difference, when you find the charity that you truly believe in make sure to keep an eye on their social media feeds of any up coming fundraising events, information, photos or videos and to share them with your friends and raise as much awareness as possible.



Now, they are all the obvious ways and ways in which you can help all charities, but if you would like to get more specific and into more dept on how you can help individual charities over the Christmas period, the next few points are for you.

ICHH – Shoe Box Appeal

Christmas Charity Campaigns 

  • Inner City Helping Homeless – Shoe Box Appeal. Get a shoe box and mark it male or female. Fill the shoe box with essentials such as socks, underwear, hats, scarves, gloves, sweets, chocolate and toiletries. *No aerosols, perfumes, aftershave, mouthwash or hand sanitizer. Deliver your shoebox to the Luas Platform at Connolly Station on Thursday the 14th of December between 7am-7pm as part of our annual #FillaLuas event in association with Luas and Transdev.
  • ISPCC Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children – A Letter From The North Pole. Spread some magic this Christmas with a personalised letter from Santa!  For a donation of €10.00, Santa will send a beautifully presented, individualised letter on full coloured festive paper to the child, friend or colleague of your choice. Our elves will put your letter into a special envelope stamped by a reindeer and the magic letter will arrive directly to you.
  • Give Blood.  “The demand for blood is constant. We supply product 365 days a year and will issue blood for transfusion to hospitals on Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day, so we are urging donors to give a priceless gift this Christmas, the gift of blood.” Some blood facts to keep in mind about blood
    • Blood lasts just 35 days
    • Blood for new borns must be less than 5 days old
    • Donors with O negative blood are known as universal donors
    • We need 3,000 blood donations a week to keep hospitals supplied
  • Choose an ALONE member to send a card to. Choose a card and a message. Each card you send costs €5 including postage. €3.20 per donation goes directly to ALONE. Alone offer a range of services including: Befriending, Housing with Support, Support Coordination, Technology, and Campaigns for Change.
  • St. Vincent De Paul. There are two campaigns that SVP are running this year to help families in need. Foodguide
    • Food Appeal – SVP provide you with a shopping list of non-perishable festive food items. You buy the items on the list, ensuring that expiry dates are non-perishable and have an expiry date well into 2018. When your collection is over, drop the food to your local Regional Office or Drop-off Point. All food will be distributed out to the people who need it most in communities across Ireland, through our network of local Conferences and volunteers.
    • Giving Tree – SVP provide your company, school or group with posters and tags for the ‘Giving Tree’. Each tag lists a person and age group (e.g. Girl 4-7). Employees and members of your group then take a tag from the tree and buy a new gift for the child or adult on their tag. Pop the unwrapped gifts under your organisations Giving Tree or collection point. When your collection is over, drop the gifts to your local Regional Office or Drop-Off Point. These gifts are then distributed by SVP to families in need, just in time for Christmas.
  • DSPCA – Santa Visit. Book in with your family to visit Santa in the Dublin Mountains at the DSPCA, on Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th of December. €12. Entry for children and €5. per adults.


If you can recommend any other charities or any other Christmas campaigns that we should all be aware of please let me know below.



Images from respected mentioned websites and main image Liverpool Museum

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