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Buttercream Dream Cupcakes Review // Cruelty-Free & Vegan


You may remember from an earlier post I talked about Buttercream Dream, which I came across for the first time at Dublin Vegfest, if not you can read about them here – Dublin Vegfest, Lauren (owner & founder) and Buttercream Dream where completely sold out by 3pm and had to close early. Unfortunately by this stage I hadn’t had a chance to taste the goods, but spent a lot of time drooling over Buttercream Dreams instagram page.

Push forward to a few weeks later and I have a tray of 12 cupcakes, 4 different flavours and one Saoirse to eat them. Ok, that’s a lie, I had a lot of drooling mouths nearby waiting for a taste.


So some facts first…

  1. These cakes are fully vegan. Delicious (not sure about how nutritious),vegan & cruelty free. That is my ideal mix when it comes to dessert.
  2. Lauren is a ‘Boss Babe’. Incase people don’t know, I am a huge lover of anyone who can inspire me and Lauren does just that. She went vegan a few years ago and attended animals rights protests. The numbers attending these protests weren’t big and to entice people, Lauren started bringing vegan cupcakes and handing them out and enticing people that way. Due to the popularity of these cupcakes Lauren then started her company Buttercream Dream.
  3. Buttercream Dream not only specialises in vegan cupcakes, but also nut free, gluten free and soy free cakes.


My Cakes……

I had four different flavours to choose from. Each beautiful to look at and divine to eat. Mint Chocolate Aero, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Strawberry & Cream and Lavender Earl Grey.


Mint Chocolate ‘Aero’: 24818860_10215061264149738_2082064884_o Chocolate base, two tone mint and chocolate buttercream drizzled with Belgian chocolate and a piece of vegan ‘Aero’.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup: 24825793_10215061178787604_824032837_oChoc base, two tone choc and peanut butter buttercream drizzled with chocolate and a handmade Belgian chocolate cup on top.

Strawberry & Cream: 24740069_10215061264949758_2080432235_oVanilla base with homemade strawberry jam, two tone strawberry and vanilla buttercream topped with Irish strawberries.

Lavender Earl Grey: 24879235_10215061264869756_1765234784_o Earl Grey infused sponge with lavender oil buttercream and dried lavender on top.


My Thoughts…

Did these cakes come from a creative heaven somewhere? They are delicious, a little sweet maybe, but who eats a cupcake with out wanting some sweetness? You can see from the names, ingredients and finished look that a lot of love and thought went into each of these. Looking at them you know they are good. My favourite thing … a guilt free cupcake. I am so surprised that the vegan cupcake market isn’t tapped into more, but thanks to a very determined Lauren, they are becoming popular and are even giving non vegan cupcakes a run for their money – my partner who is not strictly vegan, had some and fell in love, saying he wouldn’t of been able to tell the difference between them and tradition dairy cupcakes.

Over all I love them, I found eating one filled me up for quite sometime. I think they are creative, original and full of colour, which is great. Cruelty-free & vegan = guilt free eating, which is also great, supporting an Irish Business = another great tick and they taste delicious. It’s a win, win, win followed by a win 🙂



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