About My Diet

About MyDiet

I thought I would write a little post about me and explain a bit about my diet. I am asked regularly if I am vegan or vegetarian and I will always answer “I eat a mostly vegan diet, but I eat honey and eggs”. Now depending on who I am answering this question to, I get all sorts of different remarks. I get a lot of “But where do you get your protein from” and “You must be very weak if you don’t eat meat”. To be honest, I am so over that, after 17 years as a vegetarian, there is nothing new that can be said to me and if people ask me questions or show a genuine interest in why I opted for a vegetarian life at 11 years old, I am more than happy to answer and engage with them. I am however so over and finished with getting into debates with people and in some case’s, people just trying to start a totally unnecessary argument and annoy me, be it meat eaters or ‘angry vegans’, half the time people will always have something to say.


Some facts to keep in mind when meeting ME for the first time, or when meeting anyone new for that matter.

1. I am learning along the way. Even in the last year alone I have learnt so much and changed my views on certain things.

2. I have made choices based on my learnings and environment that I feel are cruelty free and suitable for ME and my family.

3. (Three is for ‘Angry Vegans’) I support your reasons for getting annoyed over animal cruelty and environmental issue’s, but feel you are getting some of your point across in the wrong way and new vegetarians and vegans will find you to be an off putting obstacle in their new lifestyle choice, especially if they make a mistake or the wrong choice. I have seen ‘angry vegans’ belittle new vegans or vegetarians who are really trying to make better choices only to be ridiculed. What they need is support and encouragement and positive help with any answers to questions they may have.

Anyway, back to the point……

When people ask me am I vegan or vegetarian, I register mostly with a vegan lifestyle as one of my main aims going through my life is to be as cruelty free as possible. “Why then Saoirse are you not 100% vegan?” You may ask, simply because the eggs and honey I eat are 100% cruelty free.

Let’s start with the eggs I eat. The eggs come from hens at my family home. We have grown and raised these hens and cockerels from when they were chicks, during the day they are free to roam our four acres of land, they get fed twice a day and once it start to dark they make their own way back to their huts (which are cleaned on a very regular basis) to go to sleep for the night and at which point we close over their doors and lock gates so foxes don’t come in for mid-night snacks. There is nothing cruel at all about how these guys are raised and for that reason I do not feel bad eating the eggs that our hens provide. We have raised all our hens and cockerels from chicks. There is only one other local farmer from whom I purchase eggs from, again solely because I have seen the care and love that goes into keeping their hens and cockerels. I do not buy eggs from super markets, or will not order egg in a restaurant that I don’t trust. If the restaurant or cafe is known for free-range eggs and sourcing their food locally and ethically I will do my research and once I am happy I will then buy eggs from there. Some restaurants and cafes in the country will literally have the fruit, veg and eggs from farm to table and I LOVE and whole heartily support that concept and that take on life.

The other thing I will eat that is not vegan is honey. Unfortunately we do not have the time or resources to start bee keeping from home, but a friend of mine who also tries to live as cruelty free as possible owns a health food shop and she sources her shop honey from local and international ethical bee keepers. One supplier in particular, she recommended to me is a friend of hers living in Ireland who loves his bee’s and does it as more of a hobby rather than a job. So for me that is acceptable.

In all area’s of my life I try to live cruelty free and ethically. The make up and beauty products I buy MUST BE be cruelty free from companies who are trying to make a difference, the clothes I buy (which are mostly second hand) MUST BE ethically sourced, sustainable and the people making them are treated fairly and what ever I own I take very good care of. The list goes on and on and I will do different posts about how I try cover each area.

(Obviously I like LUSH)

To me, all of the above registers mostly with being a vegan, that is why I will say I am (mostly) vegan. Life is all a learning process and I am learning each and everyday. In my ideal world everyone would live cruelty free, and with my website and daily interactions I would hope to promote that lifestyle. I hope to raise my daughter very aware of how fortunate she is to be born into the life she has and as she grows to make choices that make the world a better place.

Remember every purchase you make is a step closer to the world you want. Think about the choices you make and the companies, shops and people you want to support and want to help grow. Research before making a purchase, ask before you buy and know what your money is worth and where you are putting it as every penny you spend makes a huge difference to be one step closer to the world you want.

If you have anything you would like to contribute or any questions you would like to ask please do so down below or get in touch with me.



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