Cruelty Free Subscription Box – Gift Guide

Cruelty Free Subscription Box - Gift Guide

In keeping with my gift guide theme, one of the areas I wanted to focus on was cruelty free subscription boxes. There are two subscription boxes that I sign up to every few months (those treat yo-self days) and I LOVE when they come in the post, it is a really nice pick me up and lovely mid-week gift to get. My fiancé bought me a lovely monthly subscription for a chocolate bar for my birthday when we first got together and it was really lovely to get every month and always made me think of him……which brings me on to subscription boxes as Christmas presents!! They are such a lovely way to bring year long joy to your loved one.

Some of my Vegan Tuck Box delights that delivered to me in work.


I have listed below some of the best boxes to can sign up to as a gift.


  1. Vegan Tuck Box 

Best For: An animal enthusiast, someone one new to the vegan life or a vegan that you would like to treat.

Cost: (Including shipping to Ireland) €28 per month

I get this Vegan Tuck Box subscription from time to time and I love it. It will be filled (literally filled) with some vegan goodies, vegan dinner additions and some other vegan nibbles. It will help you discover some food that is new on on the vegan market and brands you might not have heard of before.


2. LoveLula

Best For: A natural skincare lover, a beauty and makeup enthusiast or for vegans.

Cost: A three month subscription (including shipping)  €56. or a yearly subscription will cost €188

I signed up to a three month LoveLula Box subscription last year and can’t wait to sign up again soon. In it, you will receive some very lovely beauty products, all of which are natural, organic and cruelty free. Most of the products are vegan certified too. One of the main reasons why I liked getting this box was to learn of new beauty companies that sold  products based on the same ethos that I believe in as a consumer – that products in this day and age don’t need to have any animals products in them, do not need to be tested on animals, are organic and as close to being natural as possible ie not riddled with chemicals and LoveLula provides that in each box and plus, it’s always nice to get a beauty box full of surprises every so often!


The rest of these boxes I have not tried but I have heard good reports on.

3. The Cruelty Free Beauty Box

Best For: A vegan beauty and makeup lover who who like to support a vegan business who are 100% against any form of animal cruelty.


  • Beauty Box – Monthly (including shipping) €17. Annual (including shipping) €95.
  • Makeup Box – Monthly (including shipping) €23. Annual (including shipping) €126.

The main aim of this company is to promote vegan products and vegan products only. Obviously by being vegan they are also cruelty free. They say “Skincare, Make Up, Hair Care, Fragrance, Bath, Body & more,,, A Mix & Match of Everything Beauty Related! Each Box contains 5 Full Size, Travel Size & Sample Sized products.” This company also does a separate make up box each month too, so you can decide whether the focus is on beauty products or makeup products. What is great about this company, is that prior to finishing your subscription they will give you a questionnaire to fill out to make sure your box is personalised to suit you and your preferences (skin type & make up looks etc).


4. The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Box

Best For: Vegans, someone transitioning to a vegan diet and people who like to try new food.

Cost: There are a few different options, all including shipping to Ireland.

  • Monthly €22.
  • Every 3 months €61
  • Every six months €118
  • Annually €229

I follow these guys on Instagram and love everything they put up. It is a family run business started by a lovely couple who want to make the world a better place. This company can also offer a monthly beauty box, but currently that only ships within the UK. What you can expect in this box are some delightful vegan treats and one household item such as a candle or hand soap. Another great thing about ordering a box from this company is that that with every box you buy a percentage of the sale will go towards an animal charity.




Best For: Organic & fun beauty lovers, vegans and people who take a more natural approach to beauty.

Cost: Monthly (Including shipping) €23.

VOBEUATY believe in clean and healthy beauty products that are 100% cruelty free. What they say – “VOBEAUTY is a one stop shop making Vegan, Organic and Cruelty-Free products more accessible. We are on a mission to encourage and support consumers make the switch to ‘Clean Beauty’.  VOBEAUTY is an online store and a monthly subscription box where all products are Vegan, Organic and 100% Cruelty Free – Each box will contain 3 to  5 full & travel sized products”.


Do you receive any monthly subscription boxes? If so please let me know below what they are? Where you get them from? Why you get them? If and why you like them 🙂







All images from associated websites and main picture from VivaWoman

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