Zero Waste Gift Ideas – Part 1

Zero Waste Gift Ideas - Part 1

With christmas around the corner, I have decided to focus some posts on cruelty free & eco friendly gift giving.

When it comes time to bestow a gift to someone special in your life you may have a lot of ideas (if so please do share them) or like me, from time to time you may be stuck for idea’s. All it really takes though is a little bit of thinking about the person and their likes and your budget. For certain people a gift could be as simple as a picnic in a park some day. Below is part one of my zero waste gift recommendations.


  1. Adventure Gifts


Oisin and I went ‘Off Road Driving’ on a date before and we loved it. My parents, aunties & uncles treated some of us ‘kids’ to a fun day of paint balling and shooting each other.

Is there something your loved one would like to do, but has never really got around to doing it? A new skill or a day out, doing something completely different to what they normally do? Why not look into some adventure gifts to give. To v=give you an idea of some fun stuff

  • Off-road driving
  • Dolphin & whale spotting tours
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Sky diving

Or some of the best things in life are free. A hike up a famous hill with a beautiful view, a sunrise swim in the ocean or star gazing. You just need good organisational skill’s and maybe add in a picnic with your adventure, obviously using your own lunch boxes and eco friendly packaging.

2. Learn New Skills ….. (The Gift of Knowledge)

A pizza making class in Rome

What better to gift, than the gift of knowledge…. ok well that was a bit corny, but anyway it is true. An excellent gift for anyone is a class. It could be anything from knowing they would like to learn a new langue and giving them a voucher for a course or booking into a class such as a one day vegan cooking masterclass or an art class for a few hours. Think of the person who you would like to give the gift to and think about what they would like. Other classes might include

  • Cooking (Italian, Chinese, vegan, Indian etc etc)
  • A makeup master class
  • Painting
  • Photography

The list is endless, you just have to zone in on what they like or something you think they would like to try.

3. Host a Them a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner or take them out for some food.

Even though I like to host brunches and dinner parties, I rarely get pictures as once the guests arrive I am in the host zone. This picture is of my lovely beautiful friend Jess and I out for brunch one morning celebrating a birthday.

Everyone loves food and food makes everyone happy so it is a win win. Be it a Saturday brunch for a girlfriends birthday or Friday Fajita night for a boyfriends job promotion, the list of options is endless. Even if you host ask your friends to bring a starter or dessert etc. These can be the best fun, the setting is casual as causal and relaxed as you would like it to be (tell people to dress fancy if you want). This is one of my favourite ways to spend time with those near and dear to me.

4. Tickets to a Music Concert or Event

When your cousin headlines a gig YOU GO!!! Sample Answer is the shiz…..

Is there an up and coming music concert that you know they would like to attend? Or maybe their favourite comedian is in town …… who doesn’t love to laugh for a few hours straight? Perhaps a talk is coming up by someone who motivates them? Tickets can be a great gift as they can create some fantastic memories.

5. Netflix Subscription or Cinema Membership

For me, one of the best kind of dates I can have with Oisin, is a night in with delicious food, moisturiser on my face, cosy clothes and a decent film. A close second to that is a trip to the cinema, especially Liffey Valley with these recliner seats (pictured).

The gift that just keeps on giving. This is something that I think could really keep a lot of smiles on peoples faces throughout the year. Endless movie nights and days and binge watching different shows or keeping up to date on what’s new in the cinema every week or month.


If you have any other gifts you could add to this list, please comment below.



Main image from – where she shows us some very beautiful ways to gift wrap.

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