Some Of My Favourite Hikes In Dublin & Wicklow

Some Of My Favourite Hikes In Dublin & Wicklow-2

Happy ‘World Hike Day’. Who knew that ‘World Hike Day’ comes right after ‘Clean Your Fridge Out day’???? Anywayyy………… I love my hikes and am very fortunate to be living at a location with plenty of lovely walks and hikes either a stones throw or a short drive away.

My Favourite Dublin Hikes and Walks

Phoenix Park

Duration: No set route, so take as long or short of a walk as you like

Level: As there is no set route and not much hills, it can be easy, or you can go off track and make it difficult.

As I live in the city centre I have taken quite a liking to Phoenix Park, be it to cycle through the park or to take a walk around, either way both will be followed by a quick bite to eat in one of the cafés in the park too. I also like to drive around sometimes to find the deers as I just think it’s amazing that wild deer live in the park, but we can still go up and get some pictures of them.

Some fun facts on Phoenix Park

  • There is an unused underground railway that commutes between Heuston Station and Connolly Station, and if rumour is correct will be back running to take passenger from Kildare right into town soon.
  • The Park was founded in 1662.
  •  It used to go across the River Liffey, as far as kilmainham.
  • If it’s good enough for the President it’s good enough for me. The president resides in Aras An Uachtarain located in Phoenix Park.
  • The second biggest viking cemetery was found in the park near Islandbridge (the biggest is in Scandinavia).


Three Rock

Duration: The standard walk will take about 40-45 minutes up and about 20-25 minutes down, but there are longer and more difficult route to choose from.

Level: Easy/ Medium. As some of the walk can be quite steep (all uphill until the way back).

If you want a nice hike up the Dublin Mountains, to be greeted with a beautiful view of Dublin and with the option of some hardcore steep cycling, this is is the hike for you….and for me as I love the views and a walk through the forest.

Some Fun Facts on Three Rock

  • The remains of about several Forts can be found around the mountain, but will be very hard to find as the grassland and forestry has grown up through them
  • It has earned it’s name from the three groups of granite rocks formed at the top. But now apart from the beautiful view the next thing you will see are all the aerials at the top.
  • The entrance to the forest sits 270 meters above sea level.


The Hellfire Club

Duration: With two routes from the Massey Woods entrance, you can walk a quicker but steeper route or an easier inclined but longer way ranging from 25-45 minutes.

Level: Medium

If you are looking for a walk with a bit of a spooky aspect to it, then I recommend The Hellfire Club or Massey’s Woods. Every time I step foot into The Hellfire Club I immediately get some shivers, it’s just kinda spooky and it does’t help that the first time I had a walk around the building a sacrificed goat was wrapped in a blanket at a fire place.

Some Fun Facts About The Hellfire Club

  • The lodge was built using the stones from old pagan passage tombs underneath, which some say marked the beginning of it’s supernatural elements.
  • From the 17th century onwards, the lodge became known for all the wrong reasons, with people in power and with wealth using it for sinister reasons.
  • Highest Point is 383 meters


My Favourite Hikes and Walks In Wicklow


Duration: 2.30h – 3h

Level: Medium – Difficult

Glendalough has always had a special place in my heart, it’s where I would sometimes go to just get away from everything and be a place to think to myself. It is extra special to me now because the man of my dreams proposed to me here, in a quiet corner (dreams do come true). But Glendalough has A LOT to offer, be it some beautiful scenic views or a lovely hill top hike.

Some Fun Facts On Glendalough

  • The name Glendalough comes from the ‘Vally of Two Lakes’ ……Gleann Dá Loch.
  • Known for an early medieval monastic founded by St. Kevin in the early 6th Century.
  • In around 1042, oak timber was taken from Glendalough and used to build the second longest viking ship ever recorded.
  • Famous films such as Leap Year and PS I love you have bee filmed around Glendalough.


Duration: 25-45 minutes depending on what route you take, going straight through out is the easiest and quickest route.

Level: Easy

Cloughleah is just a nice simple walk around a forest with beautiful views of the West Wicklow Mountains. I like it as there are some beautiful views to take in along the river and in some parts you can even dip in for a quick refresh. There are also some mining caves to briefly explore (I say briefly as it is literally no more then 35 steps through the longest tunnel) and you might find some man made swings with rope scattered around.

Some Fun Facts On Cloughlea (Not a lot of Facts here)

  • Urban legend has it that the bridge here was used as a hanging spot and I personally think it has a bit of a creepy feel to it with a lot of car crashes happening here over time.
  • The church at Cloughlea was built in 1820.


They are some of my favourite hikes and walks that I tend to go on. You will notice they are all easy to medium…….. as your girl doesn’t do difficult 😉

Do you have any walks or hikes you would recommend?




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