What To Pack For Lapland

What To Pack For Lapland

First of all if you are going to Lapland, let me start by saying I am INSANELY JEALOUS!! I had the most amazing time there last year. Having only been around snow from the comfort of my own home in Ireland, I have never really had to think about what to pack, but for Lapland I knew I couldn’t leave anything behind.

The Obvious

  • Warm, Waterproof Coat. Obviously you will need to pack a very warm waterproof winter coat. The warmed the better. Ski coats will do the job here if you already have them, but I went for something that was also slightly longer to get more coverage, so that might be something to consider if you are buying a brand new coat. I would recommend buying from a trusted outdoor clothes shop such as 53 Degree North (where I got my coat) or Trespass.
  • Ski Pants. I was lucky that we had just been given a bag of clothes from a family friend who was moving to Australia, included in the bag was some winter sports clothes just in time for our trip to Lapland. Ski pants are a must if you are planning to be outdoors for long and also if you are doing any sports at all. Even if it’s just to jump into the snow once or twice.
  • Snow Boots. You can wear these all day every day, but for trips around town they’re not necessary…..For everything else they 100% are. I think the worst thing to get cold can be your feet/ neck. if either my feet or neck get cold, that’s it, game over for me. I bought my snow boots years ago from Schuh, when it was snowing in Ireland and i just thought they were the nicest things ever. Fast forward six years later and what an investment they were. They definitely done the job while we were in Lapland. They came up to just below my knee, providing extra coverage, so again, this might be something you may need to consider. You need comfy, waterproof and warm boots with enough space to be able to tuck trousers and ski socks into.
  • Hats, gloves scarfs and ski socks. Cover EVERY PART OF YOU!!! Think of all the snowballs you will want to throw, the snowballs to your head you will want to avoid and the possible cold gusts of wind that might hit your neck. You should invest in warm, waterproof but easily moveable gloves. You can also invest in a waterproof hat, but if you have a good waterproof coat with a hood, you may just want a warm hat. It doesn’t necessarily need to be waterproof. Same for gloves, but this is an individual choice, I zipped my coat all the way up with a scarf underneath the coat so that it didn’t get wet. With regards to socks, again I recommend sticking to ones that can reach just below your knee, I bought two pairs and wore my own socks underneath … yes my feet were warmer than I ever thought they good be surrounded by snow, but never once were they cold.
  • Thermals. Yes they remind me of my poor dad at Christmas before he goes out to work, but invest in maybe two good sets of thermals, I bought a black set and a white set, depending on what I had planned to wear over them. For some of the activities I only wore thermals and my ski pants & coat as the tour companies will give you thermal overalls and some other necessary clothing (always check first) to wear so I doubled up.

Other Packing Necessitates

  • ‘Normal Clothes’. Pack what you would normally pack too; trousers, jumpers, pjs, tops, underwear, maybe just not as much. Pack accordingly depending on the amount of time you are staying, for example, I was in Lapland for 5 days/ four nights and I packed two pairs of jeans, 3 jumpers, 2 t-shirts and one shirt and obviously different underwear for every day.
  • Sports bras. I would advise to pack sports bras as you might be running (or trying to run) around in the snow and you may find this to be more comfortable to wear, I know I did.
  • Bags and Suitcases. I would advise for you to pack your luggage into a large (durable) suitcase. This will work well as you will be packing all your snow gear and other luggage into one. I do recommend checking that you can either A) lift you suitcase in case you need to carry it across snow or B) check that your hotel/ resort will be able to help you take it across to your room/ igloo/ cabin if your not in a regular/ one building hotel.
  • Toiletries. I would make sure you pack cruelty free lip balm and ultra moisturising face cream and body butter as you skin may feel extra dry while in the colder temperature. Make sure to pack a very soft brush as the extra hats and ‘wetness’ from the snow may wreak havoc on your hair and cause knots and dryness and brush your hair regularly.
  •  Camera’s, chargers and spare batteries. Lapland is BEAUTIFUL and magical. You will want pictures to remember, so be sure to pack your camera, just keep it safe and pack spare batteries if needed.
  • Comfortable Plane Clothes. As we were flying out from Ireland we had a stop over in Helsinki airport for two hours on the way over and over night on the way back (as we wanted to do a quick tour). So if you are in a similar situation be sure to wear comfortable clothes and if it’s an over night situation, be sure to pack a very small over night back with PJs and toiletries and organise for your suit case to go straight to your last destination airport.


My Outfits

These are some snippets of the outfits I wore. I do not have all my clothing as I gave some away (like my ski pants, a lovely red jumper and cosy Timberland boots). I know these are not all from ethical companies, but some of the stuff I have had for 7+ years and bought before my ethical slow fashion journey (still learning). But one thing I have always done, is to make sure my clothes are free from any animal product, such as leather, fur or feathers.


Outfit 1.

Flying over I wanted to keep things cosy, warm and casually stylish. My jumper was my mothers, I am wearing a black tank top underneath, with high waisted jeans and hunter boots.


Outfit 2.

Cardigan that I bought about 5 years ago from River Island, layered with a black tank and green top from Pennys. Black jeans from Top Shop bought 7 years ago and my snow boots are DC from Schuh bought about 7 years ago also.


Outfit 3

Top from HnM, bought about 3 or 4 years ago. Jeans and boots same as above.


Outfit 4

Coat bought last year from Columbia with no animals products (fur, feathers or leather) and all other clothing as mentioned above.


Outfit 5

All mentioned as above.




The main thing when packing ‘normal’ clothes, is to pack a warm jumper and thermals for under and one nice ‘going out’ outfit. The only thing I did not pack was heels. They were just not necessary while staying here and would of not have been practical.


Packing Print Out.

I done up a quick packing print out for a holiday to Lapland for about 4-5 days. I also put tips beside each item for helping you choose what to go with …. and for some of them cruelty free option descriptions.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 23.43.24


If you have any more tips you can add or can questions please comment below.



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