My Tips On Dealing With Less Day-Light Hours

My Tips For Dealing With Less Day-Light Hours

Even though Autumn is by far my favourite season, I know some people are not fans of the darker mornings and night. I personally love to embrace it by staying in with lovely food and films … I know I do that a lot anyway. I just love the cosy’ness’ of it, the colours and smells it brings and the fun environments it creates, such as Halloween, the exciting build up to Christmas, I love it.

I have some tips and tricks that I do to embrace the season below.

  1. Find a new inside hobby. This can be anything depending on your prefremces. It can be something you do at home or out with a group. Some ideas might be; indoor rock climbing, knitting while watching tv, going a book club, take up a night time cooking class, the list goes on and is endless, but find something that gives you enjoyment and something to look forward to. Some Thing I have taking up are cooking and baking, I love to meditate and I LOVE going on random adventure dates with my guy, as you can see in the below pictures one of our dates was some off-roading.
  2. Wake up earlier. Yes it will still be dark, but it will give you a better chance at getting stuff done throughout the day to possible give you some extra time in the evening to go for a walk and take in the beautiful autumn colours. (We actually got an alarm clock to keep in our room as we decided once we go asleep we do not want phones near us or charging as we sleep, so we now leave our phones in the hall at night).
  3. Make more of your lunch break. Try to take advantage of your lunch and really make the most of the hour in a way that suits you, that could be a picnic outside in a local park, getting your daily run in or just chatting with friend and really embracing your time with them, personally I don’t think this is the time to read a book as you will have plenty of time later to get cosy and curl up with a book.

    Picnic in the park for lunch anyone?
  4. If you can afford it…can you get away for a few days? This might even just make the difference of helping you reach spring without missing the sun too much? Could you book 3-7 nights away in a warmer climate? Check out any deals any airlines might be doing or last minute deals hotels might have on.

    Recent trip to Monart Spa
  5. Get some lovely winter clothes, that you will look forward to putting on and wearing. Put some money aside through out the year and pick a day in October to really treat yourself to some new items for your winter wardrobe.
  6. Stock up on Vitamin D. Vitamin D’s main job is to help our immune system is especially important during the winter months when coughs and colds are on the rise. Visit your health food store and ask for vegan Vitamin D recommendations, I like to use One Nutrition® D3-MAX (vegan). Up until recently (again I am still learning, I didn’t even think that there needed to be vegan Vitamin D, as I didn’t realise any animal products would be in it, but I was wrong, so be sure to ask for vitamin D that will work with your diet choice). 22908257_10214762536241727_2127979526_o
  7. See the positive aspects of the darker winter months and EMBRACE them!! This is the best tip of all. Dress up for Halloween, spend time planning your outfit, even go the extra mile and make some or all of it. Start doing your Christmas shopping early so it gives you more time to do more Autumn and Christmas stuff. Go pumpkin picking, carving and pumpkin spice latte drinking. Visit Christmas markets and food fares, go to an outdoor screening of your favourite horror film and make sure to book in to see your favourite childhood film in your cinema for a special Christmas showing…mine is Home Alone. Google what is happening around you and really try to get your self involved.

Did I mention I love Halloween


Do you have anymore tips or tricks?




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