Dublin Wedding Journal Show 2017 – Event Review

Dublin Wedding Journal Show 2017 - Event Review


Just under a month ago I was offered VIP ticked to the Dublin Wedding Journal Show in Citywest. Obviously I already wanted to go to this so I was delighted to be offered the tickets. Having never been to a wedding show before I was really looking forward to this and getting inspiration for our own day and hopefully meeting with possible vendors.

Some beautiful ceremony decór

My partner and I mostly have an idea of how we would like our day to go. We have our venue picked, our guest list sorted and our theme chosen. From here forth it’s down to the nitty gritty and all the things I like doing such as designing the invitations and ‘save the dates’, picking colour schemes and all that fun stuff 🙂 I am very lucky in that my partner has more the less given me free reign with organising all things wedding. We are lucky in that we both wanted the same sort of venue so it was easy to pick the one for us. Having the venue and date picked and chosen really narrowed down most of what we wanted to see at the Wedding Journal Show.


What we did want was …..

  • To meet with vendors such as photographers, hair & make up make up artists and printers.
  • Get inspiration from different stalls show casing their work through pictures and their set up of decorations, cakes and floral arrangements.
  • To get a better idea on the prices for most of the wedding costs and to talk to the tradesmen and women so see what each of the costs entail.
  • To ask any questions we may of had regarding any services: the times slots, locations etc etc.
  • To see any different vendors and services that we may not of thought of and to see whether we think they would work for our big day.
An Síopa Páipéir

We definitely, had a better idea of everything after the show and it was great to talk to the people who know what they are doing. I have yet to sit down and go through everything. There were a few people that I spoke with that I definitely would love to avail of their services.

  1. An Siopa Páipear. Now I had googled this company weeks ago, as I was searching for seeded paper/ wedding invitations available in Ireland. This is the first and only company that comes up. Their stuff is fab. The invitations look amazing and you get a lovely plant after  a few weeks of planting the paper into soil. Talking to Corrine, was great as she was able to explain face to face how everything works and the amount of time, effort and love that goes into each card and set. She also sent me off with a little gift bag and lot’s of information.
  2. I also found my ideal wedding band. I always thought I would like a plain silver band as I think my engagement ring is the most beautiful thing and I didn’t want anything else to take away from it. But one of the stalls was a ring shop and had different wedding bands to try on. My partner has his so I decided to have some fun and just see what I thought of the different types and style and I found my dream ring, which was totally different to what I thought I would like, but really suits the whole look 🙂 I will delve into it in a later post.
  3. I got to meet and chat with some suppliers that I otherwise would not of heard or known of  without some extensive internet research. Most of these were florist’s (such as the breathtakingly stunning Miss Daisy Florist ) and entertainment vendors such as the  ‘selfie mirror’, which is something fun for the guests to entertain people for a few minutes on the night.
One of the cakes we saw. We will most likely go for a vegan cake, but with this sort of style.

For the show I wore a top I bought in Italy this year, jeans I bought last year from HnM (I wear them literally every second day) and a pair of boots I bought in a charity shop a year or two ago. All my make up is cruelty free with full details on my Instagram.

If you are getting married I would highly recommend that you go to a wedding show, it gives you a much better idea of all the companies that you can work with on your day, any questions you may have can be asked then and there, you will get a discounted price on the services, you can see a fashion show full of trial wear and visit wedding dress stalls for a better view of some of the dresses. Even if you have everything sorted you should still go for the experience.

Did you go to the Dublin Wedding journal Show? If so what did you think of it? Was there any stalls that stood out to you?



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