Dublin Vegfest

Dublin Vegfest 2017

If you would like to view my video vlog and review of Vegfest check out my video on Youtube – Dublin Vegfest 2017 || Vlog – Irish Mountain Child


Having queued for almost 2 hours last year in 2016 to try to get a foot into Vegfest, as soon as tickets went on sale this year I bought two straight away. During the weeks leading up to Vegfest, I kept an eye on their social media to see who would be talking, the demonstrations that would be put on and what food stalls and vendors would be in attendance. To say I was excited in the lead up was an understatement. My friend Jess (who is also my future bridesmaid and fellow vegan) came along with me. What I hadn’t planned for was getting the cold from hell the week of Vegfest and still not being 100% over it on Sunday. So it kind of threw me off a bit as there were talks and demonstrations that I wanted to attend, as well as doing a full tour of all the vendors and stalls, while eating as much as I possibly could. But my energy levels just wouldn’t meet with this so I done two laps of all the food stalls and called it a day. But in the process I came across some delicious food and treats to eat there and some to take home and other to lust over at home and wish I had bought more of.

To start with, I had seen Kale and Coco on Instagram only this year and have drooled of their bowls for many moons now, but for some reason had not gone into town to get some. Anyway Kale and Coco had a stall at Vegfest and it was one of the first things I bought and ate. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! Also very refreshing.

After Kale and Coco, we looked through all the stalls and after testing and sampling lots of treats and snacks (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it right?) I made a few decisions on what I wanted to buy and take home. So we done another lap of Vegfest upstairs.


The morning of Vegfest, I woke up and said “Saoirse, do not forget to bring your LUSH tote bag to put all your lovely new vegan food into” and what did I do an hour later? Left the house with out the bloody bag. So the first thing I bought was actually a bag from Bend In The Barrow, a company which specialise in handmade soaps. After buying my bag, off I went to buy more.


Below is a list of all the food I bought.

  • Liberto – Organic Black Soya Bean Spagetti (It’s not much to look at, but is delicious)
  • VioLife – Slices with mushroom and Grated mild cheddar flavour cheeses.
  • Nature’s Charm – 3 jars of different flavoured Nature’s Charm; Coconut Chocolate Fudge, Coconut Butternut Scotch and Coconut Caramel
  • Vera Miklas – Sweet Strawberries
  • Bayin – Nut and bean Mix and pickled Tea-Leaf

Buttercream Dream, these guys were completely sold out by 3pm on Sunday and I had heard they closed even earlier on Saturday due to being completely sold out. I didn’t get a chance to taste the goods, but I heard they are DELICIOUS and I am going to look into vegan wedding cakes.
While at Vegfest, I bought a lovely Burger, I can’t remember the name of the place and to be honest I didn’t go out of my way to remember as I found the staff (twice during the day) to be a bit rude …Side note, I know people at events like this are so busy trying to do their job and trying to focus, but good customer service and just general politeness goes a long way too, not just the product. I also got some lovely vegan hot dogs from Vdogs, and some nachos from Sarah’s World Fare for my partner. The hot dog and nachos I am still drooling over and when ever I think about them I just get hungry, they were that good! 

Also just to mention, there was a big section dedicated solely to beauty and skincare brands such as my favourite Skinfull Affairs :), it would definitely be worth checking the beauty exhibitors list to see if there are any cruelty free vegan beauty brands that really appeal to you.

I really enjoyed my time at Vegfest and really look forward to going to Dublin Vegfest 2018 next year. It was great to see how enthusiastic everyone there was about veganism and aiming towards a cruelty free life with their food choices and beauty products.  It was great to talk to many new people and get future recommendations of things I did not know of and it was just a great day out. Going home I genuinely felt happier about life, as I could see from the day that consumers where really making a difference in the world. That new, small, up and coming companies are feeding into a fast growing cruelty free market. I really can’t wait to see Vegfest 2018.


If you would like to view some of the exhibitors and suppliers click – Vegfest Exhibitors List


Did you go to Vegfest? What did you think?




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