Himalayan Salt Lamps – Benefits & Tips

Himalayan Salt Lamps - Benefits & Tips

I personally love Salt Lamps! I love the way they look, how I feel when I am around them and I love all the benefits that come with having a Salt Lamp. I have three around our home, one in each bedroom and one in our sitting room.

Let’s Discuss some of the benefits

Salt Lamp Benefits

  1. Air Purification. By attracting water vapour, the lamp also traps indoor air pollutants such as mold, bacteria and allergens.
  2. Helps With Asthma and Allergy Sympthons. Himalayan salt is used in inhalers to help and bring relief to asthma sufferers.
  3. Mood Booster and Sleep Promoter. The colours and glow from salt lamps create a calm and warm environment in their rooms, which can improve moods and aid with sleep.
  4. Increased Energy Levels. Due to the increased negative ions balance from Salt Lamps our bodies have more energy. If you constantly feel tired or liturgic, try putting a salt lamp in your bedroom or the room you spend most of your time in and see if you notice a difference.
  5. Neutralise Electromagnetic Radiation. If like me you don’t know what the hell that means, let me explain it for you. Electromagnetic Radiation are electric and magnetic waves (a form of energy) released by electric appliances. Over all, it’s not great to be surrounded by them (TVs, computers, microwaves etc etc), they can make you tired, lower your immune system and can cause stress. Salt Lamps can help to neutralise the positive and negative ions they produce. It is advised to place a salt lamp near your tv or in a room with heavy electromagnetic currents.


Salt Lamp Tips And Tricks 

  1. The best place for your salt lamp is between you and the electrics. As one of the main aims of the game is to balance out the positive and negative ions and limit the electromagnetic waves, it is advised to place salt lamps near electrical alliances like a tv or near your computer area. This might be difficult to do in a kitchen as there are so many, but a big salt lamp placed strategically in a safe place or on a shelf  would be a good idea.
  2. When buying a salt lamp, you don’t necessarily need a ‘bigger’ one. Think of the room you will be putting your salt lamp in and think of how many electrical appliances you have in the room, if you will have a lot it would be better to get one of the bigger lamps, where as in a bed room with perhaps a lamp or two and a phone charger a medium or smaller lamp would suffice.
  3. Keep an eye on your lamp, if the room you are planning to put your lamp in is a high humidity room, your lamp will gather up a lot of water if it is left off for long periods of time….(I learnt this the hard way, the lamp and plug got damaged). This is something to just keep and eye on and to be aware of.


Do you have any tips on Himalayan Salt Lamps? Do you have any in your home? Where do you place them?





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  1. Thanks for such an informative post. Well I also have these lamps in my home and I just love them. They are not only beautiful but also have so many benefits that you have mentioned above. I have them in different shapes. You can visit the given website to know more about different shapes and sizes of salt lamps.


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