Meditation Tips

Meditation Tips

We have all heard of the word ‘meditation’. We all may know someone who does it, we all regularly hear of celebrities who swear by meditation to keep on top of things, hell we all may know people that go away for meditation retreats. But do the rest of us really know and understand what the word meditation means??? There are many different forms of meditation, but over all the same result can be had if done properly. Basically meditation is a way to zone out of life and it’s hustle and bustle, is a great way to get relief from stress and once done people find that their focus and concentration levels are hard to beat.


Meditation Tips For Beginners

  1. Practice Daily. It will take a while to get into the hang of zoning out. Try to practice daily, even if it’s just for 5 minutes out of a 24 hour day, it can make a world of difference.
  2. Meditation Comes In Many Forms. There are different kind’s of meditation, the most common form that comes to mind for most people is closing your eyes, focusing on your breath and calming your body by inhaling goodness and exhaling badness (be it bad thoughts or removing any pain areas). But a lot of people also find meditation through drawing, colouring, making music or going for walks and runs. You have to do what works for you and find your form.
  3. Focus On Your Breathing. By focusing on your breathing it helps to keep your mind from running wild, focusing on your breath also helps to slow your heart rate down which helps to put you in a relaxed state.
  4. Allow Your Mind To Wander….and wonder. Accepting that our mind’s may wander and once we realise that they have wandered, shifting our attention back to focus and not getting annoyed with our selves is what we need to do here, instead of getting stressed over our wandering, just know that it happens and it’s ok, move on back to meditation.
  5. Find Your Comfortable Position. This differs for EVERYONE. Some people find lying down comfortable, some people find sitting down their sofa the most comfortable and others prefer feeling their feet in grass and breathing in the fresh outdoor air. Find what works for you and work with that.


Tips That Work For Me

  1. Sitting out on my balcony, listening to the birds and just zone out.
  2. Lying down either on a car roof, in my parents garden at night and star gazing (this is when I am REALLY stressed).
  3. Ideally in a sauna/ steam room (or failing that, my yoga mat) and just focusing on my breath and breathing in good vibes.
  4. Lying down in my bed with a YouTube guided meditation on my phone.
  5. CLASSES!! Going to a meditation class or a yoga class that includes meditation for the last few minutes always works. Listening to someone guide you through meditation always works for me.

Do you have anymore tips and tricks you can add to this?



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