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Balcony Ideas 1

Now that I am a city slicker with two balconies to decorate and make my own, I have been looking online for some inspiration with beautiful and functioning balconies. One balcony (Balcony A) faces out into the city, where a train station, shops and other apartments can be seen, the other (balcony B) faces into a park and i very private only looking out onto trees, birds and squirrels… this one is obviously my favourite.

For Balcony A, I would like a table, chairs and a few plants to just as a place to chill and people watch. For balcony B, I would like to place all my herbs and plants and have a very cosy two person chair  to sit on with my partner & Skye and chill out at night with or to be able to lie down/ sit on myself when I want to zone out.

Below are some of my favourite balconies which I would like to use as inspiration for my own.

For Balcony A here are some ideas…


For Balcony B here are some of my idea’s, there are slightly more as the view from this one is so lovely that I know once it is done right, I won’t be able to come back in.


Some stuff that I have already bought for my balconies are…

  1. Planter

I bought two of these in black from B&Q, so far I have put my herbs in these. I would like to get two more to put the rest of my herbs in them, as currently they are in a pink put ….. and pink doesn’t fit into the balcony theme I have in mind.


We have three Buxus plants …. two of which are the wrong shade of yellow and might need to be replaced. We bought these in Johnstown Garden Centre . 


3. Olive Trees

We bought two Olive Trees, which are growing steadily from Johnstown Garden Centre


But what I would like going forward is a new table and 2-3 chairs (we have one presently but I think it has seen it’s day), either a wooden or a black theme and one very cosy chair for us to chill out on. My balconies are just my chill zones and I am raging I don’t have them ready to take advantage of the good weather we currently have.

Here are some items on my wish list…

  1. Chair

Ideally If I could get a chair like these that was the size of 1.5 times of these chairs so that you could fit two people on it, with out taking up too much space, as unfortunately I think two of them would take up too much space on Balcony B. They can be bought from B&Q.


Chair Ikea

This chair from Ikea would also be ideal for Balcony B, just something beautiful that will be cosy to sit on an will blend in.


Ikea Bench

This bench from Ikea, could be ideal too, it is something that could fit into the corner, work as a storage unit and with putting a few cushions and a blanket on it could be very cosy.

4. Balcony Table

This table and chair set would be ideal for balcony A, It’s small and neat and fresh. I found this is B&Q


Do you have any ideas you could share or any websites you could send me on?




P.s. All images I have used can be found and linked back to original content via my pinterest – Irish Mountain Child



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