How To Help Workers Worldwide

We all know sweat shops exist, even if some of us know they exist, we may not know the extent of how bad they are and what working in a modern day sweat shop entails. I have written previously on why I like to shop second hand and what difference it makes to the world and to the environment, you can read that here – WHY I SHOP SECOND HAND.



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If you would like to do your bit to make a difference, help workers world wide and help to put an end to sweatshops you can do so in the following ways;

  1. Demand That Employee’s Rights Expand. 

We unfortunately cannot expect that simply by boycotting certain brands that they will stop garments being manufactured in sweatshops, because there are the billion other people still buying from them, so even though they loose a few customers they are still making their money via the cheapest options. Only if the whole world agreed not to shop from certain brands things would be different. Until then the way you can make your opinion known is by getting in touch with the companies via written letters, emails and even social media. Demand that to continue your shopping at that shop you would like to see more being done for workers rights. That it does not sit right with you knowing that the people making your clothes do not have the same working rights as the people who sell, market or transport the clothes. Again, it will come down to once enough people get on board that changes will be made.

2. Support The Right Charities and Organisations

There are various organisations doing their part and helping the people who need help. They do so in various different way:

  • Education.

When I say education, this covers a board range of education. It covers children and adults getting an education in school and collage and being able to then work in industry that they may not have been able to otherwise. It covers educating people on slavery, what it would entail and how to avoid it. It also covers educating government officials, community organisations and journalists in how to make people more aware of slavery and how to cope if they have been affected. Educating people through all these means is vital in a bid to end modern day slavery.

  • Donations 

Donations will assist families, women, children and men who have been affected by modern day slavery to any sort of help they may need such as medical care, counselling, support groups and other essential services.

  • Spreading the Word

These organisations will also help as they are working side by side with those in need, they are hearing the stories of what goes on inside sweat shops and all other forms of modern day slavery right from the people who suffer and they are bringing world wide attention to this in a bid to put an end to it.

Organisations and Websites worth a further look

3. Spread The Word

See point 1. The more people that know, the more people that can help and the better the world can be. Also see point 2. Educate people, let them know that even though retails chains may say things have changed and that factories have enforced a better work place for their employee’s, educate people that this isn’t exactly the case and that 90% of the time the companies in question are still opting for the cheapest way to make money. Spreading the word can be as simple as sharing something on Facebook, twitter or any form of social media or talking about it over brunch with your friends.

4. Shop Right

I know I said earlier that we cannot completely boycott certain shops, as that will create a loss of jobs. Instead shop wiser and showing that ethical/ sustainable shops are becoming, due to the ways in which they do business and the positive message/ goodness they spread. They will make other companies think twice about how they manufacture their merchandise and hopefully change how the operate, not just for money. Infact if anything I would brag loud and proud about shopping in ethical and sustainable shops. Let the other shops know what they are missing out on and why. We are very lucky in the day and age to have the internet and access to shops we would never of been able to access before. I will do a post about some of the best sustainable and ethical shops to buy from soon.

Image from Rapanui

If you are going to take anything from this it should be that you are very fortunate to not be in this situation, but you are in a position to make a difference and YOU CAN HELP!!

If you have any other ways in which you could recommend helping to ensure safe and fair working environments world wide please share it with me at .




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