5 Fair Trade and Ethical clothing Shops – Europe


Thanks to the world we live in, finding ethical and sustainable clothing is very easy to come across ….. even if you live on a small emerald isle like Ireland. The internet is key to  research and finding what you want and where you want in this day and age, but sometimes putting in the research needed for what you would like can take some time.

Below I have created a list of some of the best ethical, sustainable and/or cruelty free online shops from Europe. I have done this list adding where the company is based, why we like them and how costly they are.

If you are curious as to why you should aim towards shopping ethically and sustainably, you can look at two previous posts WHY I BUY SECOND HAND & HOW TO HELP WORKERS WORLDWIDE

People Tree

People Tree
Why we like them : People Tree has over 20 years of good relationships working with Fair Trade workers and farmers, bring beautiful, elegant and ethical clothing to us using organic cottons, biodegradable materials and ethical and safe work for the people who make our clothes.
Based in : UK
Cost: €-€€ The basics are very affordable (between €25-€50), but the nicer you go the higher the price (as with anywhere), but even at that the nice clothes are still quite affordable.


Why we like them : Thought has two main things in mind (out of many others) when it comes to making beautiful clothes – The people who make them and the environment. Thought uses all natural, sustainable and recyclable fabric. All the manufacturing of garments take place in the same country that the fabrics are sourced so as to keep transportation damage to the environment to a minimal and they also have a sole vegan range.
Based in : UK
Cost : €-€€ With Sale prices starting at €10. this shop is well worth a look.


Why we like them : Mayamiko was originally set up as a charity and then developed into a business helping to employ, educate and build communities. The factory is based in Malawi,as are the farmers who supply Mayamiko with organic cotton. By shopping through Mayamiko we as consumers are helping to provide fair wage and safe jobs, educate and build disadvantaged communities in Malawi.
Style : Afraican, tropical and funky
Based in : UK
Cost : € With tops starting at €19. we will be happy ethical consumers.

Frank and Faith_Fotor


Frank & Faith
Why we like them : Frank & Faith manufacture all their garments in the UK, creating local jobs and are very happy to do so knowing that their workers are paid a fair wage in a safe environment. They also resource their organic materials as local as possible, purchasing from Italy and Greece.
Based in : UK
Cost : €-€€ Starting of in around €15 for some basic tees and going up to €115 for some dresses and other garments.


Why we like them : Hempmade was set up in 2006 with an eco safe plan in mind that by using mostly hemp material in a bid to help contribute to the end of urgent world problems such as deforestation, famine and pollution of the soil and rivers. All materials used are eco friendly and are made in an ethically fair way. They are based in Belgium sourcing hemp materials from Europe, Africa and China.
Based in : Belgium
Cost : €-€€ Sale items can be found online starting from €19. and onside items starting at €25 – going up to €95.





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