Without Name


Following land surveyor Eric, on an assignment to measure an ancient forest for a developer but soon loses his reason in a supernatural environment that has its own plans.

See link to trailer here – Without Name

My Thoughts

Without Name is Ireland’s spin on a folklore horror and if you can imagine what that would be like you can imagine that it would be full of greenary, a pub will feature at some stage with old men at the bar swapping stories and you will have a cailín álaínn, this time in the form of one my favourite up and coming Irish actresses Niamh Algar.

It is a good movie to take you out of your own world for a while, but it is not a movie you will walk away from feeling like it has changed you. It’s a bit of  a trippy film, but you will find yourself intrigued by what is happening to Eric, played by Alan McKenna. It is a visual beautiful film to watch with lots of forestry and mountain scenery. The lead characters of Eric, Olivia and Gus, played by Alan, Niamh and James Browne, are played very well and very captivating to watch.

It is a well and beautiful made film and it is a film I am glad to have seen and very proud of the talented work coming out of Ireland.

Without Name 2




Have you seen this film yet?



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