Wellclik Wellness Wednesday

Scrolling through Facebook one day I came across an event that caught my eye ‘Wellness Wednesdays Ireland’. so I clicked into it. What I read sounded exactly like what I had been looking to go to at some stage, two hours filled with yoga, healthy snacks, some organic (turned out to also be vegan) beauty products and talks on nutrition and mindfulness! I bought the ticket there and then. I was looking forward to the event but to also meet some likeminded people and when I walked into the room the atmosphere was so on point, everyone was happy, excited and welcoming.

Wellclik is a one stop shop for all things wellness. It is a wellness booking app that allows users to book appointments for all types of Wellness services on-the-go in 3 clicks.  The new business was set up by CEO Darryl Gibney (who couldn’t be nicer) who has a great love for what she does,

The night kicked off at 6pm in The Liquor Rooms ……. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I questioned how the venue fits in with a night of wellness, but it did, very well infact as it is quite funky and gave of  cool vibe. Upon entering I was greeted by Darryl, who was so friendly and made me even more excited for the night and showed me where the yoga session would be taking place, where to leave my stuff and where I can get some of the food she had for the event. After I left my stuff next to my yoga mat I went straight over to the food (that’s what no dinner will do to you). The food that Darryl had organised for us was from SpirEat Tapas which I’ve never had before and was delicious! Next time I am around Dundrum I plan on eating there. Darryl had also arranged for a display area for Biola Organic Skin Care,  a cosmetic brand new to the Irish market, to be on display and for each of us to be able to test and try and OMG!!! its amazing! So good that I am currently fully stocked with beauty products, but as soon as I start to run low I plan to get in touch. Adrienn Gomori, the companies director was on hand to show and advise you on the products.

Some snacks from SpirEat Tapas
Beauty products from the lovely range of Biola products to test for the evening

After about half an hour of mingling, eating and beautifying the yoga with Julie By Yoga began. I have never had a class with Julie before but I really like her style. The class was a bit of a challenge for me as unbeknownst to me until we started my thighs were so sore (I had done a one hour cycle beforehand) so I couldn’t get properly involved in some of the moves as my legs just sank, but the cool down was great and Julie gave a short head massage afterward to everyone using some Biola massage oils.


Following the yoga, we all then went into the room where the talks on nutrition with Niamh Arthurs from Bia Bites and a talk on mindfulness with Danielle Serpico from The Black Belt Mastermind began, both of which were very interesting.

After the talks the room was still filled with an atmosphere of warmth and happiness but it was time to say goodbye. Darryl had got up to explain why the evening was ran and how Wellclik works and also to say that this will be a monthly event (FRICKIN YES!!!) and to thank everyone for coming and to also give out goodie bags. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will be back again in June.

The goodie bags

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