Banana Buckwheat Porridge

We all need those quick meals that involve the least amount of prep work, full of health and can be made within a matter of minutes. Enter ‘Banana Buckwheat Porridge’ delicious and nutritious and can be made within a matter of minutes …. yes I meant for that to rhyme.


* 2 Bananas
* 1/3 Buckwheat porridge (super food)
* Handful Almond flakes
* 1 teaspoon Maple syrup
* 1 Cup Coconut milk
* Handful shredded coconut for that extra summer taste 👌


Cooking Instructions

  1. Put 1/3 of a cup of Buckwheat Porridge into a jar.
  2. Put a cup of Coconut Milk and mix and also to soak
  3. Cut Banana and put in.
  4. Put desired toppings on.



  1. Source of energy
  2. Anti-inflammatory – cleans and strengthens the intestines.
  3. Source of Vitimin B – Good source of energy, Healthy blood flow and good to keep red blood cell count high to avoid anemia,
  4. Good for ‘gut health’
  5. Good for the heart
  6. Good source of Protein
  7. Due to the ‘Rutin’ in buckwheat porridge it helps aid high blood pressure.
  8. Healthy fats – Good for the brain and good for skin (helps the aging of skin and skin elasticity)
  9. Vitimin E – Balances cholestoral, repairs damaged skin, thickens hair, helps with PMS, improves vision,

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