Skye’s New Hair Cut

I meant to write this ways back in April, but better late than never.

Part 1…..


So with my daughter I have pretty much always let her make her own decisions when she has the chance. The last few days she has been saying she wants a hair cut. She is sick and tired of her beautiful long blond hair, she wants it cut. Not only has she wanted to cut it, but she has wanted to cut it super short (think Shiloh Pitt or Jacob Tremblay), reason being – “It suits my style”. Awesome she has a style and she wants to rock it and I am all for that.
My mother is a hair dresser so she normally cuts all our hair, but she wasn’t sure about cutting it so short. So she cut it and if Skye wants it shorter will do so next week. After having it so long she said to let her get used to it for a while.
In the mean time when my brother found out about Skye cutting her hair and he brought The Rapunzel Foundation to our attention, which is an amazing charity that takes human donated hair and makes wigs out of it for people who are suffering hair loss, both children and adults. What an amazing charity first of all, secondly kudos to my ten year old brother for bringing it to light in our house. So my mother cut 10inches from Skye’s hair and it will be posted to The Rapunzel Foundation in the morning. Pretty proud of Skye for not only doing an amazing thing but also having her own style and instinct and sticking with it and helping make the world a better place.


Part 2….

A week on, Skye wants her hair cut even shorter so today was the day and now she has a pixie cut style and she totally rocks it!

Skye Hair Cute




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  1. Aw, how adorable is she! Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’s a special one, and it’d mean a lot! xx


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