Foods Good For Skin

Foods Good For Skin
Yes we all know that eating healthy will grace us with multiple benefits, but do you know what foods to focus on for what? ‘Carotenoid-Rich’ foods will give us a glow apparently 86% more attractive then a tan.
By eating these vegetables you are increasing red and yellow skin tones to brighten instead of darken your complexion. Try to eat 3.5 extra servings a day for six weeks to notice a difference.

Top Caroteinoid Rich Food

Butternut Squash 4,570 mcg
Romaine Lettuce 5,226 mug
Cooked Spinach 6,288 mcg
Cooked Carrotts 8,332 mcg
Baked Sweet Potato 11,509 mug

Side note – best way to cook these is to steam them.


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